Wednesday, 8 February 2012

HNT or TNH theme love

Since the theme is love I thought I would share 2 things I love.

This poem:

Yearn On by Katie Donovan

I want you to feel
the unbearable lack of me.
I want your skin
to yearn for the soft lure of mine;
I want those hints of red
on your canvas
to deepen in passion for me:
carmine, burgundy.
I want you to keep
stubbing your toe
on the memory of me;
I want your head to be dizzy
and your stomach in a spin;
I want you to hear my voice
in your ear, to touch your face
imagining it is my hand.
I want your body to shiver and quiver
at the mere idea of mine.
I want you to feel as though
life after me is dull, and pointless,
and very, very aggravating;
that with me you were lifted
on a current you waited all your life to find,
as though you were wading
through a soggy swill of inanity and ugliness
every minute we are apart.
I want you to drive yourself crazy
with the fantasy of me,
and how we will meet again, against all odds,
and there will be tears and flowers,
and the vast relief of not I,
but us.
I am haunting your dreams,
conducting these fevers
from a distance,
a distance that leaves me weeping,
and storming,
and bereft.

This cock


  1. Both very loveable things ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. If ever there was a theme for which you are perfect it is "love". The poem truly demonstrates the full potential of love, and the accompanying picture is beautiful and erotic.

  3. You've captured the theme well.


  4. The poem captures how it feels to be in love, but the photo of you sucking YSL's cock conveys it even better.

  5. You really do love his cock. Thanks for playing along!

  6. What? You had nothing to say...oh never mind. Your mouth was too full from his cock. ;)