Friday, 3 February 2012

Swingers club, stupid people and 1 orgasm only

The week has been horrid, Mum moving in, all be it temporarily is taking its toll and I’m at best emotionally tired. I hadn’t planned to stay at YSL’s Wednesday but I need to escape and I know I’m welcome. After a coffee and a cuddle YSL checks I’m up for going to the club, I suppose with Hindsight I was determined to have a good time and I shouldn’t of been, plus YSL had just driven up half the country after being away.

I dress, putting on my black see through chemise, stockings and my new boots, slipping a curve hugging dress over and enjoying the look of delight on YSL’s face as he sees me leave the bedroom.

We arrive at the club and sip on sodas while admiring the new decor. During January they have done the place up and its looking all the better for it. It seems quiet but the locker key bowl had been empty so the throngs of people must be out back smoking or in the sauna and Jacuzzi as there are only a handful of people in the room and they are highly animated in a debate about teachers. We drain our drinks and head to the changing room to shed our clothes.

After a cursory look round downstairs to see if there is any action we head back upstairs and still no sign of all the people that the locker keys promised. We head to the large platform bed aware that we have a few single men on our heels. I turn and see they are fully dressed and I feel my temper rise. I say loud so they hear “im not playing” YSL pulls in close and we remain still waiting for them to get the hint. One of the dose and leaves the room. The small asian guy though has proceeded to get his cock out and is stood there wanking, he looks like the guy from Short Circuit, clearly looking for ‘more input’ and its not going to happen.

YSL kisses me and I start to relax and then I can hear the little Indian guy shuffling his cock and I cant bite me tongue “your dressed, its underwear only up here and its not respectful” I’m quite surprised by how forthright I am and he bumbles an apology “its been long time since here, i forget” he starts packing his cock away and I conclude matters by telling him to read the huge sign on the door.

We curl up and enjoy the closeness, just cuddling and kissing slowly and passionately. Right at this moment I realise we should of stayed in, all I want is YSL and I can feel YSL is of the same opinion. You can hear more people enter the room, some chatting and some watching us in hope we will get animated but we have no intention of pleasing a crowd tonight.

I can hear what sounds like a cat run round the room, I start to giggle and tuck my head in closely to hide my hysterics at the stupidity of a single guy that has been daft enough to put his locker key on his wanking wrists so it sounds like a lepers bell with his every stroke. YSL joins me in the laughter and just as I look up to see who the stupid wanker was blocking the view at the foot of the bed stood a club regular that has been interested in fucking me for ages but I have yet to yield to his advances, neither do I plan too. He thinks I’m crying, my sniggering and muffled laughter has him concerned and it makes me laugh more.

Finally I manage to compose myself and suggest to YSL we head home for porn and privacy. We climb off the bed and excuse ourselves, the room full of wanking men clearly disappointed but I have so lost the moment. All I want is YSL.

Back home we enjoy some nibbles, drinks and cuddles before retiring to bed. Both of us have a full and important day ahead and we have the next night together to enjoy even more. I want YSL inside me but he has other plans. He whispers to me that I’m only allowed one orgasm then its sleep. I can have him, the Hitachi or myself, I ask for him and the Hitachi. He starts to rub my clit so perfectly I know I won’t last long and have to pull his hand away every time I get close, I don’t want to cum too quickly I want to savour and enjoy my release. He fights back and continues to rub me and this act of forcing me to cum makes me even more aroused. I’m so close and he thinks I’ve cum but I’m just reaching for the Hitachi, I beg him not to stop, contradicting me plea from a minute ago and he pushes his fingers into my soaking cunt. It’s enough to finish me, thankfully my body recognises this is my one and only orgasm and ensure I have the maximum relief and pleasure, I cum so deeply and richly, I can feel my juices instantly flow from me.


  1. The good thing about swinging is you do it with people. Unfortunately, sometimes that's also the bad thing about it.

  2. Great outfit for an evening out. Sorry the night wasn't all it could be, but the laughter I'm sure helped after a stressful week.

  3. I love this post!!!

    So good to hear that you tried the club, had a giggle, left the club because it wasn't right and then had an enjoyable private evening just you and Him.

    In hindsight I suspect that you may have found that it was the best way it could have happened for that particular night.

    Super post - thank you.


  4. Bummer that the club didn't work out, but it sounds like you still got a good night out of it in the end.