Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sinful Sunday - Morning After

Tuesday night I was at YSL's, we decided to arrange a little adventure and added a 'meet today flag' on our Fab Swingers profile. Within about an hour we had 17 replies, quickly we shortened the list down to 3. My favourite was a young guy we had spoke to before, 28, fit as, 6ft 2 and pretty good looking. The only downside was he hadn't met anyone before and anticipate potential performance anxiety,

We message him and quickly a meeting at a local bar is arranged. After a quick drink we agree to head to his. Soon we were all naked on bed together, 4 hours of pleasure unfolded, mainly orally based as our predicted performance issue occurred for him but not to the detriment, we certainly had fun. Being licked by our new friend while YSL filled every whole had me mentally and physically delighted,

Back at YSL's we played a little but enjoyed falling asleep in the knowledge of a sex filled morning. I fucked YSL first then he gave me everything my body ached for, I was lay face down, ankles tied to each corner of the bed. He fucked me so thoroughly my body heaved with relief and shuddered with pleasure.

Sinful Sunday


  1. This sounds like an extremely satisfying time! It's a shame that the guy had performance issues but it's great that you didn't let it deter you. Hopefully it will make his next time a bit easier.

    Love the pictures as well; I love being taken from behind too ;)

  2. Sounds like - and looks like - a lot of fun was had!

    xx Dee

  3. Sounds like a delightful adventure.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  4. It appears you have an orifice available and in need of filling! May I offer my services? :)

    Glad you and YSL had a great time!

    - Jack

  5. Oh what fun!!!! Love the black and white images!!


  6. Love how it is black and white, and I can feast on more than one yummy image. Of course, you never fail me in the visual department!

  7. Sounds delightful, and very hot pics too x

  8. Sounds like a hell of a morning! And looks like it too.

  9. I think the single guy got VERY lucky! Doing something like that for the 1st time can be tricky but I have a feeling he found a great couple to learn with


  10. Sounds like fun was had by all. Adventures, when planned right, usually are.