Friday, 7 March 2014

Blogging mojo and some sad news

Sorry for the prolonged absence, major (positive) stuff has been happening in my family life that needed my full attention. Hopefully things have settled down and I should be back blogging regular again.
Now for the sad news… YSL is moving away so time together is going to be a precious commodity. When I first read the email from him I felt physically sick, it was like a blow to the stomach. I knew there was a chance of it happening but I was always hopeful it wouldn't. 5 hours of driving will be separating us and his spare time will be weekends which aren't spare for me. It looks like hotels at the half way point are about to be put to the test.

I feel that we are strong enough to adapt and embrace the change in our circumstances but it stills weighs heavy in my heart to have him so far away. Over the last 3 years he has become my best friend and has been such a great support in life through some of the most challenging of times. The biggest thing we are going to have to do is start speaking on the phone! I can still count on one hand how many times we have done this but with the distance I think Facetime is going to become a regular staple to maintain sanity! Never been one for phone sex but I can see this being an option if I’m climbing the walls sexually.
It’s been so long since I really felt the need to masturbate alone, YSL has sated my need and when arousal has a hold of me its normally because I’m with or about to meet with him. The biggest challenge will be my using sex as a stress relief. Perhaps I need to take up a new hobby, suggestion on a postcard please!
Next weekend though we are heading to a BBW party and hoping to have a wild night together before our period of absence begins. It certainly be a noteworthy night as we are returning to our favourite club in the country and the last time I was there I was lucky enough to enjoy a small queue of fine BBC and I would love to do that again. This time I want to totally go for it as I got a tad overwhelmed and fled to the showers after 3 or 4 guys the last time, I regretted my hasty retreat although that’s easy to say with hindsight, it was right to do it at the time.

We have already started to plan for another Cap D’Agde visit for late summer as well which gives us both a date in the diary to be excited and plan for, I suppose I even find it reassuring to have such a trip planned. Whilst it doesn't guarantee anything it makes me feel that YSL is wanting me as much as I do him, silly girl mentality I’m sure but it’s a little bit of reassurance I need right now.


  1. I'm so sorry you two will have some distance. Though I'm quite sure you both are adaptable and will find your rhythm soon enough.

  2. It is disappointing that I am having to work away and be at a distance and is something that I am reluctantly doing and Yummy knows how hard a decision this has been for me too. As discussed at length with Yummy, I wished to keep the 'jigsaw pieces' of our lives as they were, or at least rearrange them so that the picture stayed the same, however it just wasn't possible and as with all things, they change over time. However, Yummy is my best friend, a wonderful lover and someone that I genuinely admire both in personal and professional capacities and I have no intention of wishing to lose her or what we have. My work away is planned as having a finite end and hopefully it will quickly pass and we will be back in close proximity to each other once again. In the meantime, we must keep in good contact and make the most of all opportunities to be in each other's company as they arise. It will make our future times together all of the more precious and special. As Yummy has mentioned, I too am looking forward to making France 2014 happen and spending another wonderful week away with her.

    This is in no way the beginning of the end, simply reality throwing us a challenge that we will meet and practically work with. I love you and have no intention of wishing to lose you.