Saturday, 27 August 2011

A 16some, 4 men fucked me, shared 2 pussies, and a partridge in a pear tree!

We have Drinks at bar, both a disappointed by some of the potential prey but both not worried as we are there to enjoy each other so nothing can take away from that.
As we get changed we ran into daughters boyfriends mum again!!

After a brief wander around, noone is playing yet, just clusters of single guys walking around and a few people watching porn. We end up alone in play room, ysl starts teasing me, he tells me to lie down and he starts licking me. An audience of single males surround the platform I'm lay on YSL starts to fist me as he continues licking.

The single guys are wanking furiously at the sound of me cumming and the wet slurps from ysl
Ysl decides to put on a show, he pushes his other hand inside me, double fisting me while licking me.
Gasps and exclamations of disbelief from our audience as I'm squirting and cumming on both his hands. I'm a shaking orgasmic mess! It was intense and naughty, I loved it!

After a little refreshment and conversation in the bar we go on the hunt for more fun, the rooms are quiet so we decide to enjoy each other. We lie on the bed in the orgy room, almost spooning, YSL masturbating me. YSL whispers in my ear that he is going to invite the black guy on the bed to enjoy me. He holds me tight and lovingly as the black guy presents his cock to be sucked, ysl is fingering me, the black guy is rubbing my clit and playing with my breasts. I'm so aroused by what's happening and when YSL tells the guy he can fuck me, my clit feels electrified as I hear him say this, I love that he has decided and instructed this. YSL then asks me what position I want, I want to remain as I am, I want to be lay in YSL's arms while the man he picked to fuck me goes to work on me. We kiss, I feel so close to him while the black guy fucks me good and hard. I cum not so much from the fucking but from the entirety of the situation, his cock feels good, he fucks well but not a patch on how YSL gives it but the full situation is so mind blowing I cum hard. I think my orgasm triggered the black guy to cum, he holds me and kisses my exposed tummy and breasts before he retreats gratefully from the bed.

A single guy hops on the bed stupidly thinking it was a queue and he wanted next on the ride! YSL moves between my legs and licks me, I switch off from the room, the guys wanking and watching, I'm enjoying YSL's attention only.

As we leave the orgy room the couples room was busy with about 3/4 couples playing on the bed. It looked pleasant but not inviting, we move to the next room and were delighted by what we saw. More than a dozen bodies all interlinked, people fucking, licking, sucking, touching, kissing... The room was filled with sex.

A funny and bizarre sight was a single older guy who must of been part of the fun earlier was sat curled up looking almost scared, he must of spent his load and couldn't work out how to get off the bed due to all the bodies!! He eventually leaves and we push through the dozen of wanking hopeful single guys and climb on the bed heading to the middle. I lie down, my head is near two ladies heads that are being fucked, I kiss and play with their breasts as YSL fucks me. My nipples and nipple chains attract the ladies attention, the room seems to of focused on me, lots of fabulous comments come my way.

The blonde woman, pretty, early 50's great full figure, moves to lick my breasts and then lick my cunt. YSL moves behind her and as I'm rubbing her clit he fucks her. A guy, with no more than a 1 inch cock tries to thrust it in my mouth I move and tell him politely no thanks and move as I want to watch YSL fuck the blonde. I'm kissing and holding her arse as YSL fucks her and she licks me. Such a hot moment, I start rubbing her clit and I feel the juices from their fucking trickle down my arm. She exclaims that my 'husband' is distracting her from licking my cunt, it amuses me but also made me think how in tune and comfortable we are together to give that impression.

After the blonde cums YSL tells her to lie on her back and I mount her face, YSL pushes back inside her and pounds her while kissing me, it is so intense, totally mind blowingly amazing after a few minutes of her licking and sucking on my clit, her fingers deep inside me I cum, I know before I even look I've soaked her and she is very pleased about it. YSL makes her squirt everywhere as I sit back and watch him give so much pleasure.

YSL tells me to lie on my side and he spoons me as we look upon the sea of bodies fucking, the blonde moves to lie in front of me, we kiss as the older guy from last week enters her from behind. The next few moments were so sensual, YSL fucking me slowly as me and the blonde kiss and caress each other, I'm whispering in her ear how much she is turning me on, how close I am to cumming, YSL is holding both our breasts, I cum holding her as YSL holds me, heavenly!

YSL tells me to roll on my front and he pushes hard and deep into my arse, the blonde is kissing me, the older guy now fucking her doggy, her hand fingering my cunt and feeling YSL's cock penetrate my arse. The blonde cums again and leaves the bed after a long slow snog is exchanged each way between the 3 of us all agreeing that we must play again sometime.

The room is starting to empty, it must be gone midnight, only a few single guys left watching and optimistic to be invited to play. YSL invites another black guy to join us, whispering to me I'm going to get another thick black cock. I'm being fucked still by ysl hard in the arse as I start to suck the black guy, his cock kept growing, it went from ample to OMG stretching my mouth to take it.

YSL asks him if he has condoms, no!! What the fuck? Who goes to a swingers club without condoms,??? He leaves the warm comfort of my mouth and runs out the room in search of condoms. He returns and I get on all 4's ready to take a pounding, YSL sits in front of me, watching me get fucked, I'm watching him wank while he looks proudly at me. Our eyes locked on each other as I'm enjoying the second cock of the night.

YSL moves closer and feeds his cock in my mouth enjoying spit roasting me from the other end. The black guy doesn't last long, the tightening of my cunt as I came was too much for him.

He leaves and as we are about to leave the room a single female has climbed on the bed clearly looking for YSLs attention. I sit back and enjoy watching, slowly wanking myself. The older well hung guy from earlier and last week climbs on the bed and asks if he can help. He fingers me but I'm not the aroused by his actions and I turn round for him to fuck me. YSLs turns round just as he is pushing inside me and smiles at me, returning to licking and fucking her. The older guy fucks me hard, his cock has a good girth and he is fucking me with passion this week, he doesn't last long though and cums before I do.

YSL has the woman squirting and cumming so much, her cuckhold partner watching on in amazement, YSL then invites me to share her cunt I don't need asking twice, he holds her cunt open for me and I lick and suck on her clit.

It's closing time as as ever we are the last ones still fucking, we head down stairs to get dressed. In the changing rooms my nipples and nipplecharms are the topic of conversation, even a woman asked for a photograph! (she was kind enough to post a note of thanks on the swing site the next day saying thankyou to the anon lady who let me rake a photo of her boobs last night!"


  1. I keep saying it but what you and YSL have is magic.
    Sounded such a hot night and sharing it with someone as special as YSL must have made it mind blowing!

  2. I followed @mrsdiscontented's breadcrumbs here LOL

    WOW my mind is definitely blown... and I'm insanely jealous ;)

  3. Couldn't agree more with both DD and KGrrl! How very hot! The more I hear of YSL - the more impressed I become.

    Lucky couple!
    Sir L

  4. Thanks for the great comments, I'm feeling like a very lucky lady having ysl in my life, I think the 9 days together is going to be some of the most special ever x

  5. Very hot. It's like we were there with you!

  6. Mind blowing

    Sensory overload


  7. My life is so freaking boring compared to yours:( So jealous, would love to live your sexual life!