Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A few more firsts and the best spanking ever

After the promise of a spanking I arrived even more aroused the usual. My skin ached and tingled for his attention.

After welcoming kisses and the shopping unpacked and food starting to be cooked he cleared the bench and told me to bend over. He slowly lifts my dress and strokes my bottom.

The first hard spank lands, its about an 8 on my scale, 10 being too much for me. The other cheek feels his attention and im bracing myself for another spank. He spanks again this time a 9, its so much but perfect. He takes care touching and caressing me in between spanks.

He spanks again, about an 8 but I'm getting more tender so feel it more, I'm gasping as each sting lands, it hurts but I adore the feeling and want more. I instinctively brace myself and move, he takes hold of me and leans in close whispering for me to keep still, keeping my legs straight so my bottom sticks right out. I can feel my juices flow from me I'm so aroused. He keeps placing me so I'm exposed fully for each spank.

The oven timer goes and I think we've finished but we haven't. He returns to me and pulls my legs further apart. My cunt and ass fully exposed and he starts the spank me again, this time my cunt lips and ass as a target. He asks me how many more I can take. I say 2, it's so intense, his spanks are lighter than on my ass, more like a 5 but it's a delicate area and far more sensitive.  If it's only 2 spanks he says he better make them 8's. They were harder than I've even felt and they had my almost cumming. 

He told me to go stand against the wall, he pulls down my panties and spanks the front of my cunt. He is slapping it hard and fast, it stings, my lips are on fire, my clit is aching, I feel totally his as he holds me. 

We head to the bedroom after food and drinks and he disappears between my thighs to drink me. I'm soaked, he thinks it's the wettest I've ever been. Every touch he makes on my cunt and ass is amplified by the burning and sensitivity from the spanking.

He pushes his hand inside and starts fisting me as he licks me to orgasm. I feel the physical and mental relief wash over me as I shudder in his arms.

We play and pleasure each other, both cumming repeatedly on each other for hours. We are both clearly hungry for each other tonight and enjoying playing hard. He disappears from the room returning with drinks and pegs! I had mentioned my enjoyment of using pegs on my nipples when masturbating and he was prepared to please me in this way as well. The pegs went slowly on my nipples, he takes his time making my nipple full and hard first. Each peg makes me gasp.
He starts rubbing my clit then reaches for another peg "do you think you can take it on your clit" he whispers. I nod willing to agree to anything I'm so aroused.

He licks me then places the peg over my clit and starts to close it. The pressure building is so intense I can feel my clit harden and I gasp as he let's go and I feel the full pressure. He licks the exposed tip of my clit it feels amazing, so sensitive and wanton.

He pushes his fingers inside as he is lapping at my juices until he is fisting me again. I can feel such a strong orgasm coming, I'm almost frightened to cum as I know it's going to be so intense. I was right and it was amazing. He slowly removed the pegs and the sting was as intense as the orgasm itself.

My nipples are now so sensitive even his breath against them is arousing me. We get one of the toys from the winnings box, a clit pump! I've been fancying trying it out. He attaches it to my cunt and uses the hand pump to activate the suction. It feels like he has his mouth locked around my clit, sucking firmly. He turns on the vibrating egg that is part of the suction chamber and it feels lovely. Alone I know it won't make me cum but I'm enjoying the physical feeling and the mental feeling of being so exposed as he applies it then the almost medical feel of it if that makes any sense???

He grabs some moisturiser and straddles my face, his cock deep in my mouth, fucking my throat and mouth while he slowly massages my tummy and around my pussy and thighs, taking his time adoring me. I'm gagging on his cock and it sends me into a beautiful hard orgasm and the relentless suction of the toy is tortuous bliss.

He volunteers to go in the sex swing and surrender himself to me. It feels very arousing just watching him in there let alone being able to do what I wish. I pull up the chair and sit in front and enjoy playing with his cock for my pleasure. I tease his ass as I'm playing and tell him I'm going to fuck him in the ass shortly. I work my finger into his hole and wank him firmly.

I slip into the strapon and lube my cock and his hole ready for me. Slowly I push inside pulling his weightless body on and off my strapon cock. I can feel him slip onto me. I know I'm in deep. I go slow as I know it's a lot to take. When he has relaxed I start to fuck him as I wank his cock, it's such an amazing sight seeing his pleasure and intensity as I fuck him firmly.

It gets too much and we collapse onto bed together and I hold him as I wank him. We change positions so he is lay between my legs his head away from me, his ass pressed against my tummy and cunt. I wank his cock like it's my own until I see and feel the hot cum shoot over me.

We fall asleep but wake early and he makes me cum within minutes of opening my eyes then as he holds me tightly he tells me in such a firm and affectionate voice exactly what will happen next, he is going to part my thighs and lick me until I cum for him. His words alone have me soaked.

He is a man of his word, he licks me so good I'm cumming hard for him like a good girl following his instructions. He then tells me to turn over and he mounts my ass. It's not been touched all night so it takes a few minutes to truly get inside deep but that moment as his balls rest against my cunt was breath taking and euphoric, my clit was literally throbbing. I reach for the hitachi and as he fucked me deep, I teased myself until I cum. 

He kept fucking me harder and harder, I start to cum again this time as I came and my body shuddered it started his climax, that wonderful moment of feeling his warmth, affection and care for me filling me up.



  1. that was fucking hot!! Thoroughly enjoyed!!

  2. Such a beautiful chubby bum. Like the color, too.