Thursday, 25 August 2011

HNT - more holiday shoes and the secret about the holiday

                        ~~~~If you click the photo I might open my thighs~~~~~

you didnt think id just have one pair did you? and I'm flirting with another pair in the shop that might just have to come home with me next week.

For those that follow on twitter you might of picked up the odd hint of the holiday plans but for clarification, flaunting how lucky I am and making you jealous here's the details...

YSL is whisking me off for 9 days in total, i still cant believe its happening, When we first started talking about it all it seemed like it was just talk, wouldn't it be nice etc but now the apartment is booked, flights sorted and Ive packed it is all becoming very real and so so exciting.

Day 1 day  we travelling to the London airport we are flying from and staying there, we fly in the morning
next 7 days are being spent in the South of France at Cap D'Agde ...According to Fever website....No swinger should die without experiencing Cap D'Agde. Tens of thousands of sexual adventurers migrate there from all over Europe every summer for wonderful weeks of sunbathing and sex. There is nowhere like it in the world, by day a naked city focused on a fantastic beach, by night a constellation of swinging clubs thronged by cosmopolitan libertines if you want to read more about where we are heading click here

When we come back we have one more night with each other before returning to reality. We haven't decided what to do as yet, we might stop at a club on the way back or just head home and curl up and recollect what is going to be more entertaining than any holiday I have ever experienced. I think it will all depend on if my clit has called amnesty international by then and complained of the torture and abuse it has endured all week!

I'm sure being naked all day and being able to enjoy both voyeurism and exhibitionism as we soak up the sun will be mind blowing but the 6 sex clubs and many bars all focused around sex, swingers or as they say exchangist is going to be truly unbelievable.

Packing is done already, wasn't much to pack for daytime, just 2 see through sarongs but for night I have packed a few naughty outfits and im sure we will grab some pictures as and when we can.

Happy HNT xxxxx

Join in the fun..

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... the-otherhnt


  1. Damn. After reading through your recent posts and this one, I have a wet spot in my shorts. :)

  2. Lovely legs (and shoes too- I LOVE shoes!)...
    Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  3. Those are some shiny shoes! :-) Sounds like a great vacation you have planned.


  4. Gorgeous shiny shoes! and they go so nicely with those stockings :)


  5. The shoes, the stockings - your legs.....yum! :)
    Happy HNT!

  6. Cap d'Agde is the pinnacle of sexual freedom and expression. I can't wait to go there myself. My only question is whether you'll be able to remember it all when you're done.

  7. Those shoes are fabulous and the trip sounds amazing!

  8. hope u both have amazing holiday. And i cant wait to read all about iy