Sunday, 14 August 2011

Last Wednesday -a different swing experience

So exited for our holiday!!!!! I will share more once all the details are sorted.

After food and a few drinks (well I did he was driving) we head to the club after signing in we headed to the bar. I was surprised how busy the place was and how many couples. Midweek single guys are allowed in and I had heard it can be a high male to female ratio and I wasn't keen on that much attention.

After a drink we headed to the changing rooms, I slip on my babydoll and panties. The panties I took off where soaked, I passed them to YSL to enjoy while I finished dressing. We went downstairs to have a look around, the place had changed loads (for the better) since I was last there.

There was a couple fucking in one of the rooms, it was an erotic sight, first time for a while I'd seen someone other than YSL fuck like they knew what they were doing.

We went to the main play area downstairs, porn was playing in the den. There were a few couple sat about kissing, touching, looking bored! And lots of single men in towels wanking. I'm as close to ysl as I can be, I'm aroused but very aware of the predatory glances from some of the men.

We start kissing, I'm frozen to the spot, I'm aroused and needing to cum but not ready to lie back incase all the single men start approaching. A guy was getting too close with his unimpressive cock i shake my head and he leaves.

A few more men leave the room following a couple who were off to play upstairs and we get onto the bed. YSL whispers to just kiss and be close so it's clear it's just us 2 until we are both comfortable. He holds me close and reassures me both verbally and physically. His protectiveness and care is such an intimate thing to experience, I can recollect ever feeling this before.

There's a couple on the sofa watching us and I'm aware there are a couple guys just out of my eye line wanking as they watch. YSL's hand moves to my pussy, he starts to rub my clit and i start to relax and forget where i am. All the time he is kissing me, holding me close, making me feel safe.

As I relax more YSL moves between my legs and starts licking at my juices. I know I'm soaked, I've felt trickles of my arousal run between my thighs as we kissed. He pushes his fingers inside of me and has me in a state, I'm about to cum, I'm aware again of being watch but this time it turns me on even more. I cum hard and just as I'm relaxing from the intensity of it he pushes his had inside, still licking, but now also fisting me.

When I've recovered he takes my hand and we visit the other rooms, we enjoy some light play, another drink, a wander round watching others fuck and play. We end up in YSL's favourite room. There is a high platform/bed, probably about 3msq he tells me to sit on the edge, he holds me close and kisses me "lie back I'm going to lick you" as I lie back I notice the room is busy. All single guys stood around in varying stages of arousal or towel tenting!

He has me in a frenzy and cumming he holds my hand as he pushes the other deep inside me, I gasp and I hear the room also gasp as they here how wet I am. YSL fists me vigorously,I'm getting close to cumming again and the squelching noise is so audible. I cum and I know I've squirted as my thighs got covered. The guys have moved for a front row seat as YSL continues to fist me, he knows just how to make me cum so hard and so deep and knowing that all these men were so aroused by me made me even turned on.

I start to cum, I'd tried to keep my volume down earlier but I didn't care or have the ability to anything except cum for YSL.

As I gushed the entire room seemed to gasp in disbelief and amazement, YSL looked so proud and aroused.

We had tried playing in another room near a couple on the sex swing but play was disrupted by drunk idiots so we left the room and went back to the favourite room. I want YSL to fuck me so I mount the bed and get on all 4's. He pushes inside and it feels like heaven, I adore him penetrating me.

He fucks me hard and an audience starts to appear, one of the guys we had agreed earlier looked nice was stood near by offering his cock. YSL encourages me to suck it. The guy is on a hair trigger, he can't take much and he keeps pulling back, another cock appears, a well hung young Arab guy, I look at YSL and again he encourages me, I swap between both cocks as YSL fucks me. I can feel how it is arousing YSL his cock is so hard, I'm loving pleasing him and the attention and arousal of the guys. The hair trigger guy cums and thanks me as he kisses my shoulder and leaves the room. I dismiss the young guy, I need to just be close to YSL now. I needed reassurance that all was ok with what I'd done.

After another voyeuristic wander it's close to closing and I want YSL's cum. We lie on the bed and I wank him slowly as he fingers my wet cunt. The young guy appears back on the scene and asks YSL if he can join in. I suck him as I wank YSL, its not long till the young guy cums.

YSL is rigid but not sharing his cum, we head home. Just as we leave I need him to hold me, I need him close, I've never been the one to benefit from group play like that, I was feeling guilty and needing to know it was all ok. That I hadn't overstepped the mark. He held me just as I needed it and when we got back I felt our play together was even more connected as he fucked me over the sofa filling my ass with a warm jet of cum.

We played for a couple of hours before falling asleep together. As I woke he whispered in my ear he wanted to stick his tongue in my ass and make me cum. He followed his words with the actions, preparing my ass for such a good hard morning fuck.

I left for work with 2 loads of his cum inside me.


  1. I would have loved to have been there, sounds like quite a show! Wouldn't have minded taking part either ;-)

  2. It's fun to be the life of the party! Fisting usually draws a crowd.

  3. That is absolutely brilliant. A great blog post. I'm making my own tent sat here reading it. Very hot. Thanks for sharing. Which club did you go to, by the way?