Friday, 5 August 2011

Winners In my book as well

As I learn and explore more about myself both sexually and as an independent person I often look to the Internet for inspiration, education and advice. Recently I've found myself frequently at the door of Eden Cafe part of Eden fantasys  website. Often these sites are focused on selling toys but between the great writers and contributors they seem to get it right so I was pleased to see they just won an award and it's rightly deserved.

I get many emails from followers looking for advice and words of experience so I know how much people count on such resources as we push our own boundaries or head into unchartered sexual territories. 

In recent weeks I've used them as a source of knowledge for pegging as it was all new to me.
(this article)
So if you haven't visited already go browse you might surprise yourself what you might learn or want to try!

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