Monday, 15 August 2011

Nipple attraction

Only one nipple is pierced, the bling is non pirecing nipple jewelry

Following last weekends visit to the swinger’s club party and the huge interest from everyone we met in my non piercing nipple jewelry, I thought I’d share my thoughts further on.

A couple of years ago I took the plunge and got one nipple pierced. I only pierced one as M gave me great advice to keep the contrast. He thought it looked sexy.

It hurt when it was done but I do love the affect it gives and I'm pleased I took the plunge. Yet, I doubt I'd be brave enough to ever get the other one done no matter how much I love the look of it. Oh, the pain of it.

The pain I hadn’t thought about was telling the husband or the kids for that matter and it certainly never entered my head that my parents would get to know. I might be in my late 30’s but I’m still not wanting to disappoint the parents!

I remember I was sitting in the bath, post sexathon with M. My daughter walked into the bathroom and we were just chatting, catching up on the week. Suddenly she left the room. I was too tired to put 2 + 2 together. She returned a few minutes later on the phone “yes Gran its pierced, tell Grandad” OMG! Then I heard the husband shout “she better be kidding?”

As usual I just laughed it off and I'm pleased with my little secret that not many people know about in my real life. I love how the piercing keeps my nipple erect and my breast in its full prime shape. As a woman with a full figure, an official BBW, I like to make the most of my assets! Adding some extra bling certainly focuses any man’s eyes.

In recent months I've found a great sexy solution to keep my other breast looking as 'perky' and arousing when playing with my partner. This solution, in recent weeks, afforded me being the envy of the women in the room when swinging too.

Just last week I was fortunate to have nearly all the women in the room comment how outstanding my nipples and breasts were thanks to the non pierced nipple jewelry I purchased from The nipple rings made me the center of much wanted attention and admiration.

In addition to how great they look and the attention they grab, I have to admit I enjoy the sensation. I like to feel them holding my nipple. My friend also wears nipple jewelry from She told me she does not have to adjust them at all; she does not like them as tight as I do. She thinks they are so comfortable you can't feel you have them on. Yet she knows they are there!!

She looks so hot! and I loved putting them on her

As a girl who is a fan of nipple clips I like my nipple dangles on tight. I need to know they are there so that I can feel the sexy tingle all over my body! And knowing I am wearing them when no one else knows is just exotic!

I'm off to a swingers resort soon for a holiday, whilst packing will be light as it's a naturist area, I know I will be packing my nipple chains.

I will let you know how I make it... it should be fun!


  1. they look so fricking hot! I got to get me some of them!

    thanks for sharing, mwah!

  2. Looks so hot and so sexy ... tempted to get some for myself :)

  3. Mmmh very sexy, I would love some charms. You are very brave to have your nipple pierced.