Tuesday, 23 August 2011

More first and the most intimate moment together

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After dinner we load up the laptop and get ready to choose which apartment for the holiday, it doesn't take long before we both agree to a smart looking place in the centre of the resort.

I'm so aroused ready for the night and even though we are sorting the practical arrangements for the holiday I'm literally dripping wet. When I get up from the sofa you could see my kiss mark from my soaked cunt.

We head to the club and enjoy a drink before getting changed and heading up stairs. As we approach the group play room the fun is audible. There are 2 couples on the bed, one couple, a pretty bbw and her partners just playing with each other, the other couple enjoying a few extra cocks around them as they play. Around the bed are about ten single guys and another couple watching. A short odd looking guy stares at me like a puppy, ysl is amused by his immediate fascination with me.

The bbw and her man leave just as I was plucking up the courage to join in but the other lady invites us to join the fun on the bed. I don't need asking twice, I climb on and move close to her, I start be sucking her breasts, enjoying her firm nipple and then move in to kiss her. Ysl moves from between my legs to hers after an approving nod to each other. As I lift my head from kissing her husbands cock is presented initially for us both to lick but she then encourages me to take over and I take his very ample (and very bent) cock in deep. I open my throat and let him fuck my mouth, sucking him slowly at intervals then pulling him deep again.

After much fun together they go for a break and we take a moment to enjoy each other, the small odd looking guy stood close by, hopeful I would invite him to play but I had no intention of it. Ysl fists me deep on the bed while licking my clit, he has me cumming and gushing juices everywhere as a few guys watch.

We head downstairs to grab drinks, as I'm at the bar my concerns that I had send someone I knew from real life the week before where confirmed as she smiled at me, its one of the kids best friends mum! Lets hope vegas rules apply!

We have a look around the play rooms in the basement, the woman from upstairs is being fucked by some young guy and she has about 6 guys around her, presenting their cocks to her and pleasuring her.

Before long we are back in the group room and there is another lady enjoying 2 cocks on the bed, she is sucking her partner in between telling an older well hung guy to fuck harder. The older guy retreats and ysl asks me if I mind if he fucks her, it excites me and I move on the bed ready to watch, he goes down on her first, she is moaning with sheer delight, after about 20 mins ysl sits up and sheaths his cock, I want to see his cock push inside her. She gasps as he enters, he takes hold of her hips, I know he won't need telling to fuck harder, her partner is whispering to me as I lazily suck his cock as I watch. He tells me she must be loving YSL's cock judging by her reactions. it doesn't take long of ysl pounding her for her to be on the edge of cumming, her face was a picture as she received such a seeing to. All the time he is fucking her ysl is looking at me, sharing the pleasure.

While he is fucking I'm lazily rubbing myself for ysl to see, her partner and another guy are sucking my breasts and fingering me. Both asking to fuck me but I decline, a mixture of unimpressive cocks, lack of stature and too interested in watching ysl fuck. Beside neither had been able to pleasure me with their fingers and I doubted that their cocks would be an improvement.

When she came she excused her self for a break and ysl removed the condom moved between my legs, pushing his hard cock inside me. The single guys retreat back to watching and we enjoy slowly fucking. The original couple return to the room and the wife comes over and asks if I will suck her husbands cock again, she tells me I sucked it like no other, ysl nods and I get on all 4's, ysl continues to fuck me while him, i can here the other guy id sucked earlier telling his friend to watch me deep throat the cock, telling him i was good at sucking cock and commenting on my nipples, ysl and the guy agree to swap. The husband moves round to fuck me and ysl starts to fuck her. Both of us ensuring we are comfortable, sharing each others pleasure. The general discussion in the room now being my nipples!

This is the first time another man has fucked me with my lover present, I'm aroused by the very nature of it but what blows my mind more is how connected I feel with ysl as I do this. Her husband cums and sits back to watch, I move to suck on her nipples again, whispering to her how I want her to cum on YSL's cock just like I did on her husband, ysl tells me I'm about to get another cock, as I comprehend his words I feel a cock push inside me, for a second I'm confused then so aroused that ysl has told the older guy to fuck me. I kiss her, ysl joins me, such a sensual 3way kiss, connecting us even deeper. After a pleasurable but uneventful pounding the older guy cums and the wife is shuddering in my arms from climaxing on YSL's cock, it's such a surreal and erotic moment but I need to cum, ysl suggests I lick the woman.

I move to between her legs and as I bend forward to lick ysl pushes inside me. I push 2 fingers inside her as I'm licking and sucking her soaking cunt, her husband thoroughly enjoying the show, she has 4 maybe 5 guys around her wanking, she takes turns sucking each cock in turn. Ysl holds her thighs and cunt wide open while fucking me, letting me lick so deeply.

I'm getting close to cumming, her husband takes over wanking her then makes her gush everywhere, I start to climax, ysl is so hard and deep inside me as we watch her suck all the cocks.

It's nearly closing time and as everyone disperses we slowly fuck on the bed, ysl tells me he is ready to give me his cum. I'm hopeful he means in my cunt but know he won't, despite me begging him on previous occasions he won't. I respect his reasons and adore him cumming in my ass as a second best.

He keeps fucking my cunt, I realise as he keeps pounding me that he does mean in my cunt, I'm close to cumming and the thought of feeling him fill me sends me head first into the most wonderful climax, as I'm cumming I feel it, the most intimately connected moment with ysl as he fills me with his seed.

We lie holding each other, I'm speechless and overwhelmed by the moment, it is such a special thing. I feel so wanted and loved by him.

We head home both blown away by the night so far, both still hungry for each other still. It's not long that we are in the house and I'm over his knee, naked getting the spanking I'd ask for. He tells me it's a reward for being so good, for taking 2 cocks and pleasuring the woman. My cheeks were raw and stinging by the time he finished, as I stood up he told me to lie on the bed so he could rim me.

Feeling his tongue push deep inside me, knowing my cunt was so full of him was heavenly, he pushed his hand inside me, fisting me as his tongue continued to probe my ass.

We fuck slowly and passionately, never feeling so close than tonight. We move to masturbating each other and ysl recounts my actions of the night, telling me how aroused he was, telling me how on holiday we will enjoy more moments sharing each other. Eventually after I'm a sated, shuddering post orgasmic wreck we fall asleep holding each other. I know I feel happy I sleep so deeply. I wake a few hours later as his cock enters me. I don't open my eyes, I gasp and push back onto him. I love him waking me like this, I know on holiday there will be so many opportunities like this, I'm smiling as he fucks me thinking soon I will have this every day for a week. Before long I'm cumming, he doesn't stop fucking me, he is so hard, my head full of last nights pleasure, knowing he came inside me and his attention right now has me cumming again.

He tells me not to move out of bed, he returns with fresh coffee, an amazing omelette, the bath is running and I'm feeling so cared for. After devouring the breakfast I sink into the bath and he joins me, he sits next to me and he slowly bathes me, washing every inch of me, I adore the care and affection he gives me. The intimacy of such acts is indescribable and so pleasurable, I'm feeling a very lucky lady right now.


  1. So wonderful to read all the exquisite times you are sharing with YSL.
    You are both so lucky to have found one another x

  2. After all the build-up you provided, this proved to be worth the wait. Can't wait to have a night that hot myself!

  3. Hot hot hot! What fun you're having... ;)

    Sir L

  4. What a post! I enjoyed reading all of it, then went back and did it again!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion to your friends blog. And you had another hot and wild post. Keep them coming.