Friday, 28 May 2010

Therapy session #4

Skipped coffee and headed straight upstairs with my toy bags. Stripped to my slip and heels and he told me to lie in the middle of the bed, blindfolded and ear plugs it ready for therapy.

He took hold of my wrist and stretched out my arm, tethering it to the bed post, the other arm next then both ankles. I was lay so exposed and vulnerable I could feel my arousal drip from me. He teased every inch of me, from nibbling at my ankles to spanking my pussy over my panties.

My nipples were abused in so many ways, he sucked them hard, spanked them, clamped them, attached pegs, rubbed his dripping cock on them. He lent in close and asked if I was ready for his fist, I replied yes but instead he teased me.

Taking my bullet he rubbed it over my clit with precision. Making me writhe, it was almost too much, then he distracted me with the sting of the paddle on my erect nipples. He pegged my lips open and fucked my mouth, making me gag on it. He untied my ankles and forced my legs further apart.

The cold of the lube took my breath away then the pressure of his hand pushing inside of me made me ache for it. I instinctively relaxed and drew his hand inside and he began fisting me vigorously. I started to gush as I came all over his hand. I later saw he had recorded me cumming, he said I was gripping his hand so tightly, my nipples erect and my face literally changed colour as I got flushed with the orgasm.

He didn't let up and made me cum over and over. fingering my ass and teasing my clit.

He stepped away and left me quivering not knowing what was to happen next. He then pushed the cock end of the new feeldoe inside my wet cunt, it was gently vibrating, it felt wonderful. He held my throat affectionatley but firm, it aroused me so much. I felt him touch my hand and cover it with lube, then he presented his ass. He needed me to prime his ass and start to open him up before he could take the feeldoe.

He placed the feeldoe inside me correctly and again stepped back. It was a strangely arousing experience to be lay there knowing I had a cock.

I felt him mount me, as he slid down the cock he took of my blindfold so I could see. It was so empowering, Ive always wondered what having a cock would feel like and this was as close as I was going to. Since my delivery from (defo the best, quickest and cheapest for toys in my opinion) I have been despirate to try it.

As he rode my cock hard I asked him "are you riding my cock" he was so aroused and confessed he was.

When he ass could take no more he bent me over bound my breats, spanked my then fisted my ass and cunt in turn, making me cum and drip everywhere. eventually we collapsed on the bed. My bladder was so full and he wanted me to finish our session in the shower with me peeing on him. We headed to the shower, its huge, he lay down and I stood over him but alas stage fright struck. He slid his hand inside me again and fisted me but I still couldn't pee. We gave up and as he stood up I began to pee uncontrollably, he cupped my sex feel my warmth over his hand.

We washed each other and I departed after retrieving the pictures from him. He sent me a message late last night and I don't think he will mind me sharing it:

Well what can I say, each time we meet I go to another level, you fucking me with that wonderful cock, the feeling as it entered me was delight rather than pain. I wanted you to fuck me so much it felt so natural like we were just supposed to do that, what a perfect switch session....Thank youxx

Thank you my dear therapist... the pleasure was all mine x


  1. You two make me so hot! Wish I were there just to watch!

  2. Me too! I was so wet from reading this.

  3. ...and your openness is remarkable. That's EXACTLY what I aspire to with my partner(s).

    You are just a real hot bitch. Plain and simple.

  4. Edinburgh Jack28 May 2010 at 18:57

    Blimey, as they used to say in old fashioned English films: what a great session, and as ever, so arousingly described! x

  5. Wait, did you say he fisted your ass? Wow!

  6. This therapy session was by far the hottest....made me wet thinking about it.

  7. I feel so envious of these sessions but I don't think I would be able to do all the things you manage you lucky lady

  8. mmmm delightfully tantalising and ohh sooo norty