Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New toy on its maiden voyage (in my ass)

Exciting stuff when a new toy arrives, thank goodness the box arrived in discrete packaging the husband thought it was just cake decorations not sex toys!!

You are going to have to wait for a therapy session or next time I see a bad man for a picture of it being inserted but click on the image of the toy for a a picture on it in place!

I was going to wait until I saw the therapist but Ive been working away at home and it was calling to me...

so a did what any filthy bitch would do.. grabbed lube out of handbag (dont you keep lube in your handbag for emergancy sex?) slipped down panties and flcik on the soft vibrations.

Pushing it my ass was a delight, its big enough to be a challenge but not hurt. The vibrations where nice and soft. Its meant to be a bullet but as bullet vibrators go its doesnt pack enough amo.

My ass closed around it and left a cute curly pigs tail o a handle!

I lay back on bed and introducted it to my rabbit and enjoyed a DP fantasy and climaxed twice (yes I am greedy). Im now sat back at desk with rather damp panties and the butt plug still inside (material of handle is really soft so sat here conforatble and distracted).

Im so aroused and in need of some filthy sex.


  1. Very, very, hot. I'm going to be giggling about your cake decorations bit all day.

  2. Damn you! Makes me want to reach out and grab hold of that handle...