Monday, 21 March 2011

Tmi- the ten sexual commandments

If there were 10 commandments that every sexual partner should adhere to what would some or all of them be.

Follow these and I might part my thighs!

Thou shalt not come before me
Thou shalt talk dirty to me
Thou shalt not humiliate me
Thou shalt ask permission before sticking your cock up my ass
Thou shalt not stop trying just because I came, I want more
Thou shalt kiss me and touch me at every opportunity, demonstrate impeccable manners and be chivalist (White horse and knights armour optional)
Thou shall not call me Hun, babes or darl, other terms of endearment including princess, goddess and temptress all acceptable
Thou shall be happy if I invite a woman to join us (this may change from time to time for couples, males or all of the above, however you may not assume any and subsection b, clause c says I'm right and it's my choice)
Thou shalt be happy for me to take pictures and blog about your performance (good, bad or indifferent)
Thou will have the stamina to play all night if I so allow, I don't do quickies!
Go see who else played.....


  1. Perfect!

    Goddess Yummy I shall follow all your commandments.

    Dear Goddess many of your commandments show you to be greedy...but deserving :-)

    I need a subsection b and clause c in my contract.

    This a was fun idea Yummy, thank you.

    Now for your reward...lift your skirt and get over my knees. Mmm, sexy stockings...I like the way the garters hug your bare ass... *smack!*



  2. them! I def have to do this one now. Esp. love the "I might part my thighs...". :)

  3. Loved all of them, especially the 6th one!

  4. As is always true - it is easy to agree with words but to show my true devotion I nepenthe opportunity to be tested. When will you come by and test me?