Saturday, 12 March 2011

A very naughty post I was rereading and thought I would share what I was reading while masturbating right now

wow and double wow, what a night.. and early morning. Sat here aching, tender and soaking wet.

I came so much this morning I feinted when I got out of bed. I think all the blood ahd gone to my engorged cliterous!

He messaged me to say he was 5 mins away and to be naked in bed waiting for him, that was no challenge! I slipped the bullet between my lips to ensure I was soaking for him. He appeared at the bedroom door naked and lent over me and kissed me, holding my throat with affection and intention. he turned me over and slipped straight inside me and then pulled me hair so I pushed back onto him. 

He was fucking me vigorously and rubbing my clit, as I neared cuming he stopped, he told me I wasn't allowed until he said so and he removed the bullet turned it down onto a low setting and replaced it. It was like torture, it wasn't enough to make me cum, but enough to keep me bubbling on the edge.

He then removed his hard cock from inside me and said he was going to wank instead, make me ache for it. he held my legs apart ensuring I could feel him wanking, his cock and hand striking my entrance with every stroke. he spanked me gently and I was begging for him to enter me, he gave me what I wanted... except he didn't stop wanking. He forced his hand inside me while still holding and wanking his cock. Within a few minutes I couldn't hold back cuming anymore and I gushed over his hand, in turn triggering him cuming deep inside. It felt amazing.

He took his cum covered hand and slipped 2 fingers straight into my ass and started to work it open, 3, then 4 fingers stretching me wide. He then pushed his cock deep in my ass and held me by my breast and throat... so gently but enough to set my mind racing with heady thoughts.

He replaced his fingers with a peg on my nipple and rubbed my clit, whispering I had to cum on demand. As I neared cuming he stopped rubbing me but then started to count back from 3. I had 3 seconds to cum! It was impossible, but he knows that and loves to see me frantically try to achieve the impossible. As he got to 1 he grabbed my wrist and took my hand away telling me I had failed and will have to wait. He repeated this, ensuring a failed and delivering a few spanks each time I did. I was so aroused, my juices where running down my thighs as he was fucking my ass.

He then told me to cum, I knew this meant he was near also. He released my hand so I could rub myself and he pushed his fingers in my cunt as he filled my ass. Feeling his warmth fill me set me off into the most intense orgasm that left me trembling.

We fell asleep entwined and at 4.30 this morning i was woken from a deep sleep, his hand was already inside me. I hadn't opened my eyes when the blindfold went on and my wrists were bound together with ribbon. Next my feet and ankles bound and then my thighs. I was at his mercy.

The glass dildo was still cold as it was forced into my ass and a dildo in my cunt. pegs attached to my nipples and a vibe on my clit. I could hear him going through the draw, I realised he was looking for stockings and heard him slip them on and then heard him buckling a pair of my heels on himself. He slipped a pair on me and told me shortly the shoe was going to be forced deep inside me, until then I wasn't allowed to cum. He lay next to me wanking and delivering smacks with a paddle on my ass, ensuring that the toys were inside as deep as they could go.

He teased me and tortured me so lovingly, it was amazing. I was begging for release, I needed to cum so badly. When I could take no more he untied my legs and pushed them open, a shoe was removed from my foot and immediately it was being pushed inside me. It slipped in with a little help from him. I managed to take it deep, he then proceeded to fuck me through the open toe of it. It was amazing feeling so held open and full of him. I came almost instantly it was just so amazingly kinky! He kissed me hard and deep as I came, taking my breath away.

He then led me into the bathroom and lay me in the tub. He push the shoe back inside and told me I had to pee... I realised why, I would pee into myself! the shoe would capture it and divert it all deep into me. Eventually i managed to pee and the site of it sent another jet of cum out of him over me. It felt so naughty, feeling the warmth of myself enter me. He then removed the shoe and replaced it with the shower head and filled me with cool water and rubbing my clit. We returned to the bedroom and he lovingly held me and told me to cum one more time for him.... well ended up being another 4 times as he fingered my pee hole and wanked inside my cunt again leaving me full of him as he went to work.

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  1. There are some seriously hot moments in this. I even came back to read it a second time, which I rarely do with any post!

    Well done!