Friday, 11 March 2011

first blogger meet - outside vanilla

I was working in London last week and as soon as knew I was heading South i messaged him as we have been promising to meet up and do the tequilla!

I was working all day and headed to his place on the Tube, i was excited but hadnt realised how nervous until the train was drawing closer. He had been kind to offer a bed for the night and dinner with him and the family.

He was at the station awaiting my arrival, as ever I was chatting on the phone and was last to appear out of the staion. I recognised him instantly.

From that moment I felt so relaxed in the company of a good friend. Its funnmy how you can know so much about someone but really know nothing... we remedied that with the most wonderful evening of dinner (yum! have cooked it since I loved it that much) a few drinks and so much laughter. His family are great... The wife is an amzing woman, if I lived closer I would seek her friendship.

Once the small people went to bed we lounged and the talk turned to naughty conquests and fun predicaments we have ended up in. Whilst im submissive he knows about the time I tried having a sub.. I made him do my parents lawn with a ribbon on his cock just to save me doing it. then made him give me a foot massage and sent him home, we laughed so much.

I must confess at this point I wanted him to jump my bones!

It was late and a school night so we headed to bed. I lay awake for hours so aroused and masterbated at the thought of him coming in to see me. Wouldnt you knowing that beauty of a cock (and man was lay naked only feet away from you).

To add insult to injury I saw him naked heading to the shower in the morning and fuck me he has an arse that could crack walnuts!

I shall let him give the verdict on me...

but next time im in London Im looking him up! go see him at


  1. Well fuck me! (yes you Mr. Outsidevanilla).

    That man is gorgeous! And the movie cock looks scrumptious.

    Yummy, you are one lucky lady.

    Now I'm off to Outside Vanilla's blog, I'm hoping to perv to more pics of him. ;-)


  2. Heels was a hell of a lot of fun actually. I recognised her at the tube station, though I had wondered what she was playing at making me wait like that! Next time her ass will pay! She is very pretty, anyone perving her photos should know her face is equally sexy. The thing you don't see in pictures is that she carries herself very confidently and sensually. Both sandy and myself were taken with her, she is vivacious, fun, and grabs life (not just life) by the balls. That made her a very fun guest to have around. 

    She told some very entertaining stories that had me in stitches, and I can safely say that I have met my match on the naughty scale. In fact I don't compare. She is one naughty lady!

    She is also deep thinking, smart and very considerate. 

    I also lay there that night thinking how much fun it would be to crawl into her room naked and bury my head between her thighs. I am sure she would taste delicious!

    She is very welcome back anytime!


    Oh I left a pic for you both :)