Monday, 17 September 2012

TMI - strip for me, strip for you

Thank you to Andee for submitting this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.
Strip for me, I’ll strip for you

1. Have you ever danced naked in front of anyone? What prompted the experience?

I answered this question here and it's worth the visit, not so much for this answer but because I just noticed I wrote it the day I met YSL and if you check out question 6 it will make you sigh to know I have him in my life!!

2. Have you been to a strip club? Was it what you expected?

Yes been to a few mainly because of entertaining clients, especially in Amsterdam. Not really my scene, I'd rather be participating and I'd rather watch real couples. I remember watch a show one night and looking at how board the woman was, her expression was so blank!

3. Have you ever been to an “amateur night” at a strip club?


4. Do you think strip clubs are exploitative or are they misunderstood as simple adult entertainment venues?

I think that it's all about choice, the girls I know that work in the clubs in town make great money from flashing their assets so good luck to them.

5. Would you ever consider stripping to pay for college or other expenses?

I doubt many would pay to see me strip but so long as I have an appreciative audience I'm up for it!!

6. Have you ever given your partner a private dance?

Again check out the older post for the amusing tale


7. Would you ever perform a lap dance for a complete stranger?

We all have a price... 

8. Showgirls, Strip Tease, Magic Mike … What is the sexy Hollywood stripper scene you have ever YouTubed?

Got to be the pole dancing stripper bloke from last years erotica!!! He is called Hamish McCann and he is mind blowingly amazing.

Bonus: Do you have a stripper fantasy, that given the chance of not being found out, you would turn into a reality?

Does doing Hamish McCann count?


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. awesome!!
    Love the video of Hamish!!!

    thanks for sharing Yummy!!!

  2. Thanks for the video and the link! Of course we'd pay to watch you strip! ;)

  3. Oh Hell Yeah to Hamish! I'd pay for that!! lol