Monday, 3 September 2012

Cap D'Agde - part 1

The temp must of been 30degrees as we got off the plane. Another flight landed straight after ours snd the airport was at capacity. Once we retrieved our bags we head straight to the taxis queue. After a few moments i notice the guy in front has 'fuck boots' as i call them on, i nudge YSL and say they look like the guy with the Jean Paul Gaultier type kilt on off last year. The couple are Dutch and the guy asks us to share a taxis, we clearly look like we are off to Cap D'Agde Naturist Village.

While waiting to get our tickets to get into the village I chat with the Glamourous Dutch wife and discover they are the Kilt wearing couple from last year!! It's a small world.

Our apartment was ready early and even better the apartment was great, more spacious than last year, the views of the sea from the balcony perfect. As YSL started to unpack some essentials I stripped and stepped into a cool shower ready for heading to the shops for supplies.

This year it was different having spent so much time together now we are both knowledgable about what we both like and have shared favourites with lots if foods and drinks. Armed with a shopping list and only wearing a sarong we headed for a our supplies, determined to get the weeks food and drink in at once so the rest of the week would be about relaxing.

Last year I remember the dread of stepping outside naked, this year I feel liberated and at ease with myself.

We filled the suitcase to make carrying the food supplies back easier, the wine, water and soft drinks would of been a killer to carry in the heat.

The cupboards stocked we set about relaxing and enjoying fresh french produce washed down with local wine. It felt like the first moment I've stopped since Mum died and a feeling of happiness washed over me as YSL smiled across the table at me while squeezing my hand.

The night was to be spent partying at Le Glamour, a 'white party' theme was on at Europe's number one swingers club. The Seamistress had made me a dress especially and YSL had ventured out and bought himself white shoes and trousers.

I lay on the bed and YSL prepared to shave my cunt. Before even touching me my whole body was awash with arousal. He slowly examined my cunt, holding me open exposing my clit entirely but not giving any relief or pleasure.

He holds the hot cloth against my entire cunt preparing me for his intimate attention, it takes my breath away and I feel a surge of juices trickle from me.

The soft hairs of his shaving brush as it lathered up my cunt brushed over my clit making me ache and shudder with delight, his fingers accidentally on purpose grazes my clit and hole.

I closed my eyes and relinquished all control to YSL, my cunt is entirely his as he starts to drag the razor over my most intimate areas. He pulls my flesh taught to get all the hairs, his fingers pressing hard against my swollen clit, I wanted to push forward for more but I know right now I mush keep entirely still.

YSL slowly rinses my cunt with the hot water and cloth before telling me to get on all fours. He starts again, this time examining my cunt and arse from behind before slowly lathering up and ensuring my holes were totally prepared for what ever the night would bring.

We lay together on the bed and my hand wandered to hold his cock as his hand cupped my sex. I'm too aroused and in need of release, thankfully YSL was clearly in the same state of mind and his erection grew firm as I caressed him.

The wand was already plugged in by YSL at my bedside and he encouraged me to use it. As I reached out to get it his fingers lubed up my arse and readied it for penetration. I adore that moment his cock head is pressed against my hole, pushing and waiting for me to relax enough fir him to enter me. YSL fucked me hard and deep, holding my breasts hard as the wand caressed my clit.

"bite me" I didn't need to worry about the marks for a week and I wanted to feel YSL upon me so much and in so many ways. His teeth sunk into my back as my climax ripped violently through me again, his cock stiffened even more before spilling his warmth inside me.

My cunt was still aching for attention and I begged for more from YSL. His fingers teased my cunt first before he pushed his entire hand inside me and fisted me vigorously into a repeated frenzy of orgasms, soaking the bed as my juices poured out of me.

After warm loving cuddles and deep passionate kisses we start to dress for our night at Le Glamour.


  1. Deliciously hot! I've been looking forward to these posts for so long...

  2. A arousing start filling me with great anticipation..

  3. When YSL shaves you, have him drag the hot washcloth across your clitoris and labia. That alone will make you cum.

  4. Very erotic! You're off to a very sexy start. Can't wait to see where things go from here!