Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Pep talk from the therapist

Therapists Email to me

Hi, well I have to say your blog is like a sexual time bomb, just reading it makes me feel charged and ready to go I'm sure everybody who is following it feels the same. I know you are going to have such a wonderful time and nobody deserves it more than you xxx

My reply

Thanks! So excited but playing host to all my insecurities.

I need to be there now and know its real.

Therapists reply

Hi, yes I thought you would be fighting all your little
insecurities, no doubt they are all dancing a jig on each shoulder and trying to trample down those positive thoughts.

You will be there before you know it and having a ball, he is a lucky guy and you are a beautiful sensual woman who is going to enjoy herself sooooo much.

The pic is how I imagine you will be.xxxxxx

Thanks you are a good friend (as well as a sexual devient, pervert and fettishist), kind words when I needed it and such an amazing picture, Im flattered that you think I have such sexual energy.


  1. I have a therapist story to share with you, and it's nowhere near as enticing.

  2. When your plane lands this will be the last thing you think of.
    Enjoy this time you have and make that man melt with all you have.

  3. Lovely words.
    And he is right!

    M x

  4. Lovely words.
    And he is right!

    M x