Monday, 21 June 2010

TMI Tuesday

1. Did you have an imaginary friend when you were young? What was her/his/its name?
Nope, did have an imaginary boyfriend for a while, used him as my cover story for being a bad girl.

2. June is National Oral Sex month. When was the last time you enjoyed oral sex? Giving or receiving?
Last time would have to be with Jack, he gives delightful oral and has an oh so suckable cock as pictured in last weeks HNT

3. What sexual or non-sexual skill or talent are you really good at?
Sexual talent hmm *scratches head* cumming! I'm great at cumming! Lol I think I'm good at giving oral, I can deep throat like no one else, Jack if you read this please testify! Non sexual talent has to being a domestic goddess in the kitchen, being able to drink anyone under the table or dancing! I do Latin, tango, belly and tap dancing.

4a. Do you have a sexual goal, what is it?
To be happy in the bedroom, to feel at ease, feel wanted and respected x
4b. If you were a sex worker, what would your job be?
High class escort, I love the social aspect of sex as much as the play. And they seem to wear nice shoes so I'm sold on that. Move over Belle De Jour x

5. What can't you leave home without?
2 things... My mobile and my bullet!

Bonus: How long have you been blogging
I started blogging in January this year after a upset with lover and husband and I had nobody to talk to and needed to get stuff out of my head, it works, I talk to you guys when I need to sort out stuff that I can't deal with in my day to day life. An appropriate time to say thanks I think and keep posting the comments.

And thanks to Hedone for coming up with some questions for this week x

Tell me your answers and if you are playing this week and I will post your link, here are a few usual suspects....


  1. Happy TMI--
    I have to admit that I am glad you started blogging and sharing.
    Very HOT writing and damn you have legs for days, yum!!!

  2. I second PV's mnotion about your writing being very HOT.

    And do you cum multiple times and do you know the most you've done at one time?


  3. I will simply say that you know where I stand, woman. Even though we have all that water between us, we also have a like intimate mind and an intelligence we share. You're quite a girl, and I'm glad we're are friends.

  4. I laughed and smiled my way through your TMI. A great read it was!

    ...about the HNT...YUM!