Friday, 18 June 2010

Things to do in Amsterdamn

Its 14 days until I go, flight booked and just heard hotel booked. I really didnt think it would happen, I thought he was just being polite, you know "yeah sure lets meet", I kind of thought I was looking above my pay grade with him, he is such a great guy. He arouses me so much, he has that sexual intelligence I crave, he has my mind at full speed at the moment which has me aching to be touched by him. He was the last man to kiss and hold me as a lover should and he will be the next too. I need him to penetrate me. Its been over a month since I last had full sex, I want to feel every inch of him slip inside me slowly and pause while I savour the feeling of him filling me.

Anyway....Im calling him Dutch (sorry) but it seems to suit

Top things I plan to do with Dutch so far...

1. Stop traffic kissing, although have to be careful of those god damn bikes!
2. Give him such good oral
3. Wake him up gently sucking on his cock
4. Have him Tit Fuck me
5. Go to red light district and enjoy the sights and pleasures
6. Go to sex toy shop and maybe get some treats to play with
7. Enjoy cocktails at my favourite bar .. lemon martini please!
8. Have filthy sex in a back alley
9. Walk to fav restaurant with him holding my hand
10. Wake up in his arms and have lazy sex while spooning

Im taking getting filthy and kinky for granted x

are we there yet?


  1. Oh how I remember Amsterdam, the sights sounds and pleasures, what a city. With #5 take in a good show if you can, you'll love it. Fun times ahead.........

  2. I personally love the thought of the filthy sex in a back alley....How hot would that be in the rain???!!!

  3. Sounds deliciously naughty... I LOVE it!


  4. We expect vacation photo's .. let us know when you post them ! *smile*

  5. Things to do in Amsterdam...DUTCH!

    Filthy sex in a back alley sounds delish!

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


  6. Sex in a back alley? Yours or his?


  7. I cannot wait to hear about the trip! You'll write about it, won't you? Please ...