Friday, 18 June 2010

the Iron Curtain had well and truly fallen - Flash Fiction Friday

She sat across from her sub, they had been away for a long weekend to the capital, Moscow. She had promised him a journey he had experienced depravity.

Before boarding the train she whispered in his ear as she passed him a gift. Go put this on for me. After 4 days of being a tourist by day, and being teased and trained by Anna at night it was becoming too much to bare. Every inch of him ached and begged to climax. She had been so cruel at times and he had been grateful of the attention. He had adored her in every way and made her cum so much, he didn’t begrudged any of it, he loved Anna but he needed to have a release. He needed to show Anna he loved her in a different way than worship and submission.

It was the last day, he was finishing packing, wearing his gift still. He had only been allowed to remove it to bath and to receive a daily enema before it was put back on and locked. Anna stood up, the light reflected off the key she held in her hands as she walked towards him. He started to thicken and push against the metal of the chastity belt, he got harder with every step.

He closed his eyes as she unlocked it and allowed it to drop...the Iron Curtain had well and truly fallen.. his cock was rigid and angry looking. Anna lay back on the bed and invited him to take his reward.

This Post was inspired by a good blogger friend of mine. Thanks for letting me use the pictures... shame I dont get to use you my delicious treat x

Go read his blog and see inside the mind of a devoted sub with an independant mind.

And such a great ass!!

Who else did Flash Fiction Friday?


  1. Ummmm...loves the heavy metal. Nice entry!

  2. Wonderful fff I do feel a resonance with him albeit mine is a virtual belt forged in a pact. Look forward to the next instalment.......

  3. "Iron Curtain", good lord. Must be a bitch to get that off. :)

    Thanks for playing!

    -- PB

  4. "Before boarding the train she whispered in his ear as she passed him a gift."

    Nice touch. Seeing the melange of fear, excitement, and wonder in the sub of what will befall... *smiles*

    Happy FFF.

  5. Best.


    Of required phrase.


    Happy FFF!


  6. I agree .. Iron Curtain .. sure is !!!

    Excellent job !