Sunday, 13 February 2011

Week in review

Ive been a bit naughty and skipped a few weeks but back on track again so here it goes:

6 orgasms, all gifted to myself

No body fucked me (no sex for a few weeks now)

2 men kissed me

1 man carressed my nipples as we sat in the car drinking coffee, when he left I got my bullet out and came

1 man spanked me and took my HNT pictures

9 peeps loved my HNT picture, number 2 (of 3) seems to of been the top fav
0, ziltch, nobody liked my OHNT

Booked train tickets for business trip to London, meeting while down there. This will be my first ever blog meet, feels funny when we know so much about each other but nothing at all?? anyway it should be a hoot!

This week Im meeting the nipple caressing man and a new friend Ive been talking to for a while who is into the BDSM scene.

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