Monday, 7 February 2011

TMI - random sexual facts

Im ill so sorry for lacking jn naughty posts... Promise to get back on it later this week as there is still the second part of the circus night to post.

5 things I'm aching for tonight

1) a man to hold me as I fall asleep

2) a man to wake me and push inside me before I utter a word or open my eyes

3) a man to stand behind me and kiss my neck as he whispers how much he wants me

4) a man to tease me until I'm about to cum and enter me and cum together

5) a man to stay inside me until hard again and fuck me hard

Add to that a damn good spanking, a good kiss and some nipple play and I would be a happy girl :)


  1. No need to apologize about naughty posts, you have been through a lot. Take time for yourself.

    I am totally stealing these questions for my TMI.

    thinking of you

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  3. I wish for you to be the happiest girl. Get well soon Yummy.

  4. Owg I love doing number 5!

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    I also love #5, I don't like having to pull out, would rather stay in as long as possible and with a little bit of squeezing, some touching and maybe a few choice words, I can be ready again soon without breaking contact!