Thursday, 3 February 2011

HNT - Chinese new year

Year of the rabbit!

I thought it was too good an opporunity to miss praising my rabbit!

Poor thing broke though, seems it wasnt designed for industrial use! but the good news is I got an upgrade!

The saints down at sent me a new one to help me celebrate in style.

They have been super generous and have offered that my friends can also have money off if they want to join in the fun of the year of the rabbit.

My new super charged rabbit is:

I have posted a review of the fun I had playing with it on the site so go read and enjoy.

They have loads of other rabbits (great sex shop overall TBH) If you want one use this code: 5IMP at the checkout for £5 off what you treat yourself too...and if you fancy send me a picture :)

I came 5 times while the therapist (god bless him he is so selfless and kind to offer to take these pics) took these pictures of me celebrating the year of the rabbit!


  1. Very jealous of the Therapist....I want to touch and taste.
    Damn your pussy looks so good wet and ready.


  2. You women get to have all the fun. I mean what do us guys get? A flesh-light?? hmmm no thanks!

    Happy Chinese new year, not that you needed that as an excuse for a new Rabbit something tells me ;)

  3. A moment of silence for the deceased rabbit. Glad the replacement came along soon.

    Your pussy looks so wonderful in those pics and I'm sure it tastes even better, mmmmmm

  4. Mmm...rabbits are fun fun fun.....

    Most excellently sensual pics hon

  5. What a fine way to start the new year!

  6. Yummy rabbit.. hehe.. it's a good year indeed.

  7. OK well I agree the rabbits are not made for ahem as you so put it industrial use. I stripped the gears in the one I owned that looked exactly like your replacement teh first time I used it. The down side to training pussy muscles way too well.. But looks like you will get some use out of yours at least.Beautiful pics coming by from HNT

  8. I'm sure the rabbit will be put through more tasks throughout the year of the rabbit!