Tuesday, 26 October 2010

TMI - If I were a boy

If you could be the opposite sex for one day:

a. What sexual position would you do?
All of them! but if it could only be one it would be spoons, I want to know if it feels as good holding a woman as it is to be held like that

b. What sexual act do you want performed on you?
Got to be oral, I want to know how it feels so I know Im doing it right!

c. What sexual act do you want to perform?
Anal sex, I want to feel that tightness as I push my head inside.

d. How many times do you think you would masturbate?
Constantly! I would love to be able to lie back and stroke my cock, I would just keep myself on the edge. I envy how accessable it is for a man to masterbate.

e. Would you have sex with both sexes?
Its only for one day right? I think just the ladies as I will know how it feels to fuck an ass and I already know how being fucked in the ass feels.

f. Would you pay for sex to guarantee you could experience all of these things?
Good god no! thats what swinger sites are for! free sex yes please.

This delightful questions were set by the every so sexy Playfully yours, go visit to see what she said. http://playfullyyours.blogspot.com

Tell me if you played!

Picture is of dutch in case you were wondering


  1. Great answers. As a man the biggest problem you will have is finding a woman willing to do anal.

  2. First, I had to laugh at the title "If I were a boy."

    Honey, NO ONE is ever going to let you be a boy. Sacrilege!

    Good answers my friend.

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