Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Friend just sent me this, I laughed so hard

things any better?
this might cheer you up!

we live with the old lady she is 92 we have a labrador,he is a year old and into everything I love him to bits he is so bouncy and always wants to play!

Tonight I went in the back room where the old lady sits to give him his medication and she was playing with the dog, she was throwing a toy across the room I took no notice the dog then followed me back into the room where my wife and her friend was sat chatting, the dog drop the toy on the friends knee and i nearly died it was only a black rubber dildo he must of found it in her bed hahahahahahaha it is huge the friend nearly wet herself laughing and my wifes face was scarlet, the old lady had been playing fetch with him earlier and did not realise what it was lol.

You think you have troubles lol.

**picture not from friend! Just google x


  1. LOL! Glad you got a good laugh! Too funny!

  2. Now that is damn funny!!!! LMAO


  3. OMG!!! Now that's funny. We have a TV advert over here about disposing of electrical devives properly, where a woman tries to dump her old vibrator beside a public footpath and her dog keeps bringing it back.

  4. LOL Now that is a well trained dog.

  5. That's very funny.

    And that googled dog is soooo cute.