Friday, 13 January 2012

Are you going back to Cap D'Adge this year? And if yes will you be publicising when you are going in advance?

I certainly want to go back again!

It was such an amazing experience that we did together at a relatively early stage in our relationship give we had only been together about 5months. Whilst the resort is a swingers haven the holiday really solidified 'us', it gave us quality time together and the closesness and trust we have in each other today.

The lovey stuff aside it's a mind blowing sexually experience that many don't get once in there lives... So going twice? Erm yes please!

As for will I share it on blog, if we go again its likely I would be too excited not to share, the resort holds about 40k+ so you're all welcome to join us, we will be the couple with the crowd around us.

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  1. When we get there, we will head straight for the huge crowd of people and gradually work our way toward the center. :)