Friday, 20 January 2012

Would you ever consider having a naughty tweet up party?

Probably not, I think I'd worry too much that people had a higher expectation of me than reality. I would like to meet some of my twitter/blogging friends though buts that's on a more personal basis. I've met one fellow blogger, and stayed with him and his family. We are now great friends.

I'd love to head stateside with YSL and meet lots of you but top of the USA list is jacknjill and nolenvolens as I consider them personal friends but there are many more I couldn't even start to list like I want to have a girlie day with Gucci mama, be sandwiched between Hubman and 13messages.... The list is endless!

I do hope to meet jillboyd when she gets moved over here, I plan to get her tipsy and take advantage of her!

Ask me anything


  1. Hee! You can take advantage of me at any given time, love. ;-)

  2. We are always flattered when you state that you aren't necessarily interested in meeting up with the internet at large, but then make an exception for us. It must be the aforementioned "I want to fuck you and your wife" clause. We love that clause!


  3. You realize there's 1000 miles between 13messages and I? Nice to think about, but difficult to arrange, unfortunately...

    Thanks for the mention, I like naughty tweep ups :-)

  4. Sorry for being late to the party...but I am sincerely flattered that you think well of me. I shall do my best to engage you in debauchery. ;)

  5. How did I miss this? A girls' day sounds fabulous! xo