Tuesday, 6 July 2010

TMI and a when Dutch fucked me (part 3)

It was about 4am when I woke, I showered while he slept, I returned back to bed and took his flaccid cock in my mouth. I sucked him so gently, careful not to wake him, after a minute or so he was rigid but still sleeping. I slowly teased and devoured his cock for some 20mins before he began to stir.

I joined him on the pillow and he smiled and kissed me. Rolled me over and I guided his cock in. It felt amazing. I had waited weeks for this, I had been patient all day, I had earned this fucking. It felt every bit as good as I had hoped for. Held held my breasts and pulled me close, he made love to me so deep.



Last week I did my TMI Dutch style... I thought Id update you on the list I did with what we did....

1. We drink like a fish and we both got naughty when I'm drunk ... we both snored!

2. He touched, kissed, fondled me in public.

3. When I came my clit went so sensitive, he pinned me down and made me take more and more

4. I wore my undies with him while playing in bed but be naked to sleep, but I loved being naked with him, I felt so at ease.

5. He controlled every orgasm, he forced me to cum, talking to me, telling me to cum for him or he told me I couldn't... god he is amazing

Bonus: I love to give and receive oral even more now. He has such a suckable cock, I have never swallowed as much cum in my life, i think he shot at least 8 loads in my mouth over the weekend. He gives oral so wonderfully. He officially is now top of my pole of best oral givers!

Tell me your answers and if you are playing this week and I will post your link, here are a few usual suspects....


  1. My TMI is up.

    Your weekend sounds so blissfully fun. I would have traded with you in a heartbeat.

  2. 8 loads? I guess you didn't need to go out for food after all. ;)

  3. - I like a man who is relentless.

    - Sexy photo, naughty girl.

    My TMI is up too :)