Thursday 8 July 2010

Dutch (part 6) The finale!

I woke up at 6am and slipped off to the shower and returned to by his side, snuggled into him and woke him with kisses. As he lay sleepy I place the blindfold on him and kissed him some more. He became hard instantly.

I placed the wrist restraints on him so his arms were trapped by his side. I sat back a moment knowing not touching him would feel more intense than touching him.

My tongue then darted over the tip of his beautiful cock tasting his excitement. I wouldn't give him any more though I wanted him to ache for me to touch him. I moved to his balls and licked and sucked them, my hand tracing between his thighs rubbing from his balls to his ass. He starts to moan and I stop. I step away. I kiss him then don't, hovering close so he knows I'm there.

I grab some ice from the bucket and make him shudder as I allow it to melt and drip onto him, tiny droplets over his body and tip of his cock of ice water.

I sit back and do nothing. His expression says it all; the wait for the next touch is making him ache.

I grabbed the lubricant and smothered his cock and balls in it. Again my hands disappear between his thighs this time pressing harder. I pour water from a glass over his cock slowly at first then more making his cock and balls so pliable as I wank him hard for a moment.

A naughty thought runs through my mind. I pick up the empty glass and place it on his cock, it was a good fit, and I wanted him to feel touched but frustrated by it not being enough. I placed lube around it and used the glass to slowly wank him, I was tempted to sit on it but unsure of want his reaction would have been.

I grabbed my vibrator and teased his body then placing it pressed against his ass, not enough to give any satisfaction but enough to make him want it.

I could tell by his movements and sounds he was so ready to cum, I took off the glass and deep throated him, I pulled of his blindfold just as he was about to cum and let him watch as he shot all over my face.

I untied him and returned to the pillow and held him; kissing his forehead as he lay in my arms.

We dozed for moments and woke kissing each other again, his hand slid towards my clit and he urged me to turn around to spoon. He slipped his thumb in my ass and a finger in my cunt and slowly massaged both holes. It didn't take long to have me cuming again, he took tight hold of me, I was in a head lock, his arm firmly around me, his legs held me so firm, I knew he was going to force me to keep cumming no matter what.

I came over and over, eventually his grip turned to an affectionate cuddle he kissed me so gently on my neck and back as I lay quivering in his arms. I was still aching for something deep inside me and asked him to push the vibrator deep in me. As he did he pushed his thigh between mine and I ground down on it until I came. We drifted off to sleep again in a tangled mess, the vibrator was still inside me, I woke up in the throes of another orgasm and he squeezed my breasts and nipples hard pushing me over the edge. I turned towards him and remounted his leg and he kissed me so passionately. He kept me on the edge a few moments then the most powerful orgasm came over me. I felt the wetness trickle out of me as I came, that moment in his arms was just perfect, I was an emotional wreck from cumming so much I just lay there in tatters but felt so safe and wanted by him at the moment I didn't care.

That was my last moment naked with him, my last orgasm. We had breakfast and left for the airport but at every moment and opportunity we touched or held each other.

At the airport he was such a gent, he got me in the business class queue with him and he was taking me to the lounge when a proper little jobs worthy spotted he was at the wrong departures gate and refuse him in. Our last few moments we had planned were now dashed. We had to say good bye in the crowds at the passport desks. He kissed me and held me how I needed it. I didn't want to part; I stepped back and ached for him, already missing him. He kissed me again and I joined the queue, as I disappeared into the crowd he stood by the barrier, I had to kiss him again. I'm sure everyone around us thought it was madness or romantic... it was both for me. I was trying not to show him that my eyes were filling up though, it had been so perfect, he was so perfectly mine for those few days and it was ending. He kept looking back at me as he hurried to his gate. Tears trailed down my face but I didn't care he was too far away to see and I couldn't stop them now I was alone. I was hoping he was missing me as much. I didn’t want to be alone in that as well.

This weekend was so special,whilst I know that our paths are different for now and that the weekend was a fantastic snapshot of what we can achieve with so many other possibiliteis to explore together. I hope that I get to do it again and soon, to see what other possibilities we have. Dutch is someone I now crave to be near and is someone that I think I could feel happy with on so many levels and the enjoyment is going to be reaching those levels together, I can only hope he feels the same way wherever and whenever we meet again which can not come soon enough.


  1. Bittersweet.....such an awesome time you seemed to have but then have to come to an end.


  2. That is so romantic and sexy and touching! I so hope you two will be able to spend more time together very soon. He does have a very, very nice cock! ;)

  3. Love the cock play with the glass. I need that glass...get me that glass!


  4. Wow wonderful writing as always, I am assuming you guys are going to get together again, how long will we have to wait until the next installment.....
    I agree with Vixen such a bitter sweet last post. The picture and last paragraph say it all for me. I do hope your paths cross soon.

  5. Loved reading your accounts of your time together. Fun but bittersweet. Best wishes.

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  7. I have no words. Only an eternal admiration for such a fully giving woman. You are

  8. Goodbyes are always so hard... but that's what makes the hellos so much sweeter.

    Must try that thing with the glass!