Friday, 11 November 2011

Part 12 - Cap D'Adge, Beach Entertainment and BDSM Club

We had packed a picnic and wine today, planning on spending most of the day on the beach and enjoying every moment of it.The beach was packed when we arrived and we took our time choosing the right place to pitch up. The Old Wanking Couple where setting up shop and ‘Andy’ was on perv patrol ready to run at a moment’s notice to any sniff of action.

Surrounded by the people we had been admiring all week we sat back and enjoyed the show. My double was in sight which gave double pleasure for YSL along with a plethora of loving couples just enjoying each other.

If I’ve learned anything about swinging from this holiday is that those outside of the lifestyle that consider it degrading, lack of respect for partners etc couldn’t be more wrong. Visible every day is the love and adoration of these couples. Both parties feeling so at ease with how loved and wanted they are that they are able to separate the sexual act and pleasure from the relationship and want each other to experience so much.

After lunch we curled up close and spooned, YSL rested his head against mine as we admire the sights before us together, whispering our thoughts and talking about things that arouse us. It’s not long before he is hard and slips inside, he stays inside slowly making love to me for what must of been hours. Couples around us watching us as we watch them in turn become aroused.

The 4pm silent alarm must have been sounded as the groups started forming and the fun started to increase. Off in the distance the Miserable Germans and their friends were having group fun but it was constantly punctuated by general conversation and messing about which unless you are involved isn’t so alluring. The other side of the beach a man is on his knees, tied up with shibari ropes, being flogged by a Femdom as his friends laugh and encourage her to strike more.

We become more visibly active, moving from slow lovemaking to YSL fucking me. The couples around us become more interested and we both enjoyed watching them start masturbating as if they were watching porn from the comfort of their own home.

I tell YSL to lie back and slowly enjoy sucking his cock. The angle I was at I couldn’t see what was happening but the flock of feet indicated we were drawing a crowd. After a serious deep throat session that had YSL and the crowd gasping he moved to between my legs, initially lick me and getting me to the point of cumming before pushing his hand inside. I pick up the sex hat and cover m face, I know I will totally freak with the number of people that will gather. I switch off to what’s happening and focus on YSL as he works his other hand inside of me.

Double fisting me slowly has me cumming in no time, I’m squirting as I cum. My whole body is shuddering and my cunt takes hold of YSL’s hands tightly as the orgasm rips through me.He doesn’t stop, he keeps going making me cum over and over until I beg for him to stop, I’m so sensitive and shaking. He holds me close and whispers well done. A single guy from the applauding crowd comes over and gestures and mutters in French for YSL to fuck me with the wine bottle! We laugh and chase him away.

We head back to the apartment and enjoy our daily ritual of showering each other before dressing for our evening out. I opt for my purple corset, satin skirt and Lelo purple silk cuffs from Eden fantasys meant to be for bedroom use but tied onto my wrists made pretty accessories that set the tone and expectation of the evening.

We head to Clair Obscur, Cap D’Adge’s S & M club, neither of us have ever been to such a place and both excited as to what the evening will unfold. We arrive, around the corner from the club YSL fastens my shoes, my foot was too sore to walk far in my heels but I wasn’t going to turn up at such a place in flat pumps!

At the door we are greeted by the manager but infortunately we’re turned away, YSL isn’t dressed naughty enough, thankfully the shops are still open so he dashes off and returns 10 minutes later with his black T-shirt he slips it on and I take off the ankle straps from my shoes and attach them to his wrists and voila! Instant Dom!

I wasn’t expecting what I found at the club. I hadn’t seen many serious fetish players while at the resort, I had even joked that I bet we are the naughtiest in there thinking it would be full of swingers playing. I was so wrong.

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  1. Well let me leave you a whisper then. Love your outfit, very sexy.

    The purple cuffs to...Mmmmmm
    Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Looking hot in that picture, gorgeous basque, lovely colour. I can't wait to hear about the club.

  3. As always, you write so wonderfully about the adventures you and YSL enjoy, and your attention to detail makes us feel as though we are there. (We wish we were.) Your picture in the corset is delightful and sexy, and makes our mouths water. We would love to devour every inch of you.

  4. Whew! I'm exhausted.

    Double fisting!?!

    I can't fathom the thought.


  5. I have those cuffs! But I don't have any double fisting experience. I'd certainly watch if you two were doing that anywhere near me.