Friday, 18 November 2011

A naughty lady

For those that follow me on twitter this won't be news but hopefully fills in the gaps of a friendship.

On Monday in the midst of the flurry of messages as my blog tipped the 200,000 visitor mark I got a text from a friend. I hadn't seen her since meeting YSL until lunch just last week. It had been lovely catching up, telling her about YSL, our Cap D'Agde fun and other antics! I originally met her on the Swingers site I met YSL on. Her and her partner invited me and a play mate of mine for a 4some. I'd never had one before so wanted to try!

It was organised weeks in advance and I hadn't anticipated getting my wisdom tooth out the day before but I turned up regardless. The details and pictures are Here.

We kept in touch and friendships grew, our next sexual meeting was a few months later, thankfully we all got on as well as it would of been a disaster!! The snow was about 2 foot deep and coming down hard so getting to the hotel was tough enough but when we finally got there my partner, forever to be know by us as Mr Floppy, couldn't perform. Cruel it may sound but it was his own fault as I had been full of bravado that he had the stamina, ability and passion for 2 women etc etc etc. sorry to say all he had was a flaccid cock that god bless Saz she tried everything to get it hard after I'd given up. We still had great fun, Saz and her partner playing with me and likewise each other but we had to cut it short due to the weather worsening and non of us being where we should be.

We played again, me and Saz, details and pics HERE, a mff, lots of fun with toys, anal play and girlie pleasures. But that was the last I'd seen of her and J until me and YSL set up a joint swingers profile. We got talking about the prospects of a 4some, all parties excited at the idea of it and a joint club visit.

Then on Monday night she texts.....

J has been following a lady on twitter @heelsnstockings and wondered if she was someone we knew? :)

Oops busted!

The both of them are now being thoroughly naughty on twitter and Saz has set up her own blog which I think will make for interesting reading as she is as naughty as me and I think it will be fun to read to versions of the same night, both perspectives the next time we play.
She has her first post up about how her and her sexy lover met now so please show her some comment love.

And yes that's me eating her :) I can't wait to share her with YSL x

more pics on the posts


  1. So f***ing hot!

    I don't know who is or her.


  2. I think both are pretty lucky. And so are we!

  3. It's always exciting to bring two of your lovers together in the same bed. Especially if one of them is bringing someone new to the party, too.

  4. So incredibly hit! My guy friend and I have been looking for another woman to play with us but no luck yet. This makes me want it even more.

  5. we had a damned horny time despite your poor tooth and phone calls can't wait until we can get together with YSL and J x