Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lucky strike

I was such a lucky lady, 2 weeks ago I won Crystal Delights weekly competition and my prize was sent in the post! A few days later I received my wonderful prize.. A glass paddle!!! I was super pleased as I adore glass sex toys and had been admiring the website a few weeks earlier

We don't normally get play time before we go to the club, YSL loves to get me in a state before we go but rarely lets me cum but both of us were particularly aroused and when we unwrapped our surprise (which was presented in the most pretty black silk purse), it was so pretty, The crystal in the end is beyond beautiful. I immediately went into the lounge and lent over the sofa, YSL followed, paddle in hand.

He slowly lifted my dress and pulled down my panties, the first strike followed and it took my breath away. The glass had held the cold from being in the car overnight and it added to the sensation. The strike was firm, it was like a strong hand. The sound it made as it struck was like a perfect slap adding to the sensual nature of the spanker.

YSL continued to redden my cheeks, alternating strikes, I hear his zip, I know he is unleashing his cock from his trousers ready to fuck me. He pauses, I think I'm going to be fucked but I'm wrong, he drops to his knees licks my now dripping cunt and rims me then fucks me with the paddle.

The paddle is soaked with my juices as YSL retrieves it from my cunt. The wet smack of the next few strikes left an added after sting as the wetness cools my abused bottom.

YSL in one stroke fills me with his cock, still suited with his cock jutting out. He takes hold of my hair and fucks me hard and rough until I cum on his cock.

He tells me to lie back on the sofa, he sits on the coffee table stroking his hardness, watching me rub my clit. He lunges forward and kisses me as he slips back inside fucking me again. I feel him harden and before he cums he pulls I beg for him to cover me, he doesn't disappoint as he shoots it over me.


  1. I have come home, found lovers ready to be fucked, and fucked them with my hard cock hanging out of my suit. So hot, for both of us. Now to find a glass paddle . . .

  2. We've considered buying a glass dildo. Well, Jack has. I'm paranoid that I'm going to get a faulty one and it's going to shatter while I'm using it. It's probably not a realistic fear, but it's still a fear I have. The picture of YSL with his cock hanging out of those sexy pinstripes has me feeling very hot.


  3. That paddle looks amazing, I didn't even know you could get glass paddles!

    YSL looking pretty hot there too, there's something about a fully dressed guy just getting his cock out.

  4. That paddle is beautiful! It also is, apparently, very useful!

    YSL looks fine. Lucky woman!