Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A hour of pleasure

Last weekend was awful, the stress was immense and as ever I was the one keeping a straight face and holding everyone together.

YSL has been so supportive, messages to make me smile and know he cares. It's sods law that this tough time coincides with him working away lots and not having much time together but plans are in place for a week together mid December and I know it will be worth the wait.

Sunday night, I'm alone, working on some client projects, he is just back at his place packing and working ready for another week away and we are messaging each other. I'd joked earlier in the day that I needed to watch a sad film in place of filthy sex and a hug.

His message that read he could really enjoy an hour of me makes my heart leap.

I arrive a little after 8pm and he holds me so close, kissing my forehead then passionately on the lips.

We grab drinks and sit on the sofa briefly, he is ready for me to talk, share the stress of the weekend but I don't want to bring down the moment. I go over the main high's and low's, he listens and holds my hand. I know if I keep talking I'm going to cry and I don't want that to happen.

I ask if we can lie on the bed and cuddle. I'm almost at the top of the stair and stripping before he finishes saying yes!

The instant relief of being close to him is amazing, he pulls me close, the quilt up around us so cosy, his hand firmly gripping my bottom, his other my back.

We kiss, our bodies so close and moving against each other. His hardness can be felt against me, he moves between my thighs and pushes inside me, telling me how much I turn him on, how hard I've made him.

The feeling of him inside is so comforting after the week. I needed to be touched, held, cared for and I was feeling all of that and do much more right now.

He adjusts positions and takes hold of my ankles and pounds his cock into my cunt. Fucking me so hard my pussy lips feel spanked. He tells me to hold my ankles and keep my legs open. As I take hold he pulls out and buries his face in my cunt, lapping at my clit and slurping at the juices. I'm close to cumming as he rise up and slams his cock back inside, takes hold of my nipples and pinches them hard, I cum on his cock.

He fucks me until ive cum again and then lies on the bed next to me and resumes cuddling me as I regain composure from my climax's.

He tells me to suck his cock, a pleasure I don't need encouragement for. I move between his legs and orally adore his cock and balls. Slowly licking, sucking and teasing his cock, it's so hard, it looks almost angry the veins so swollen, pre cum weeping from it and being consumed by me.

He wants his cock inside me again, I move further up the bed but remain face down. I'm ready for his cock but I get his tongue instead. I gasp and grab the pillows, I adore the feeling of his tongue probing my arse.

He applies lube to his fingers and pushes them inside my hole, getting it ready for his cock. His tip pushes against my hole and then he guides in the full hard length of it. I'm breathless with the pleasure and intensity of it, he pauses, ball deep inside me while I relax and accommodate his cock before thoroughly and relentlessly fucking my arse hard.

He leans forward and whispers to me how I'm an arousing woman, that I make him so aroused, that he is loving me. He bites me hard on the back, again and again, on the neck as well, I'm covered in goose bumps loving the sensations of being penetrated and bitten, consumed by YSL in so many ways. His cock being in every hole, wishing we had time to deposit cum in each of them but knowing only one will get it given only an hour together.

He whispers he is going to pull out and replace his cock with his tongue, after about 5 more strokes he plunges his tongue into what must of been a gaping hole after the way he had been filling it. The feeling of his tongue, this time even deeper, was mind blowing, I know I'm going to cum again soon. He ploughs his cock back inside and continues to talk dirty to me, telling me the last cock I had inside my arse wasn't his, it had been the 4some last Tuesday. He reminded me of the filthy details knowing it would tip me over the edge again. He pulls out and holds me again. I'm in a post orgasmic mess and loving it.

He tells me to open my legs so he can enjoy my clit. His fingers lovingly massage her, I hold his cock while he gives me such pleasure, i love to feel how aroused he is, feel his cock swell, twitch, leak pre cum as his fingers explore me, use it to turn me on. It doesn't take long until I'm shuddering in his arms again.

He tells me to get on all 4's he wants to give me his cum deep in my cunt. I bend over and present my cunt to him. He gasps appreciatively at the site of my arse and cunt, he hungrily licks both holes again before pushing his hand inside me and fisting me while rimming me deeper than ever until im crushing his hand with a wonderful deep orgasm.

Thrusting his cock deep inside me, he takes hold of my hair and fucks me hard. My whole body feels like its plugged into the mains, every part of me feeling touched, wanted and fulfilled. I feel his cock swell and I tell him I want his cum so I can taste him tomorrow morning when I masturbate as I feel the jets of warmth inside me and hear YSL growl with pleasure.

We lie and cuddle so affectionately but I know the time is passing and he needs to finish his work, he indulges me another 15minutes and we both lie holding each other, loving each other. I hadn't slept much for a few days with all the stress going on but instantly I felt the weight lift from me and the urge to sleep so comforted washed over me.

YSL gets up and tells me to take my time getting sorted, no hurry he just needs to get the work done. I lay my head back on the pillow and smiled at how great he had me feeling. The next thing I know YSL is kissing me, it's midnight! I'd fallen asleep for over 2 hrs! I could hardly open my eyes I was so relaxed, I hadn't realised how much I needed what he gave.


  1. Though I enjoy your tales of exhibitionism, BDSM and group sex, I know the love between you is the bedrock on which it's all based, and to relive the way you express that love is such a pleasure.

  2. best description of how to unwind from stressful time I've heard xx

  3. You're very lucky to have YSL in your life, as lucky as we both consider ourselves to have discovered your blogs. You consistently fascinate and arouse us. You make us wish we lived on the other side of the world. That you were able to enjoy an unexpected hour is a wonderful treat, almost as much for we who got to read about it as for you and YSL.

    The detail with which you describe this encounter makes us feel as though we were there, watching firsthand. (We certainly wish we had been.) It's easily one of the most erotic things we've ever read, and we read erotica almost daily.

    As if your words weren't enough, the accompanying picture drove us wild with desire. Should we ever find ourselves in the same room as you, it will be difficult to resist kissing, licking and sucking every beautiful inch of your lovely ass and pussy. So please don't make us resist.

  4. Love your stories! Incredibly arousing.

    My fave lover and I are both married, she is French. We met on nude beach and fuck like crazy, she also likes tongue in her anus and likes to return the favor. She shaved her cunt for me 23 years ago when very few women did that. Yes our affair has lasted that long and the sex is wildly fulfilling still.

    Will continue reading your blog, looking at your hot cunt and asshole