Thursday, 24 November 2011

HNT - restraints

After discovering the wonders on leather restraints on holiday at the BDSM in, Clair Obscur, I immediately put some on order at Eden Fantasy's. Both myself and YSL had noticed the difference both physically and mentally using these as opposed to the Velcro versions. I almost felt like we had graduated in Cap D'Agde, it had given us such knowledge and experience that has taken us to a new level of pleasure.

 I'd seen these leather restraints before, the purple had caught my eye and made it to my wish list ( and it's my favourite colour).

They arrived and I'm so pleased with my new addition to our sex toy collection, the second I lay eyes on them. So pretty but more than that they felt amazing. The sumptuous fur lining contradicting the message of the large solid buckle.

The first night he used them on me, its become a bit of an amusement on a Monday as I don’t stay over and YSL gets some sleep so he doesn’t mind getting me in a state "I don’t have to deal with the  consequences" were his words as he almost ceremonially attached each cuff, the whole process arousing me beyond expectations. He attaches them to the teather and hoists me arms above my head secured my arms above my head making me all his.I doubt the Velco restrainst will see daylight again for us. The marked difference, the outstanding quality and the underliging of the trust we have between us is felt everytime they are buckled firmly to my wrists. Im now after more things from the Crave range.

back at being tied up....My arousal is already rising I’m shuddering at the  slightest of touch. I half want to close my eyes or have the blindfold  on but I want to see YSL's pleasure in me. Once tied he threw the crop and the flogger on the bed before kissing and  appraising me. I know what's coming next.

If you want to read the full details of that night and see the video we took CLICK HERE

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  1. Let the spanking and caning begin . . .

  2. The purple of the restraints stands out so nicely here. But my eyes are quickly drawn to your smooth skin, and your hair. My mind pulls back from the tight focus on your arms, trying to imagine the whole of your body. Even more beautiful than I could have imagined.

    "I don’t have to deal with the consequences". Ah, I remember those days.

  3. oooh, very hot, no need to restrain passion, it's funtime!


  4. Mmmm yumm, so very sexy!!

  5. A lovely photo. Sounds like you had a lovely time too.


  6. Those certainly look like strong additions to the toy chest :)


    ~Kazi xxx

  7. This is such a tantalising, teasing shot...

  8. love the picture... love the story...