Friday, 4 November 2011

Flogged, fucked and played with

During the day Monday we embarked upon another first together, YSL picked me up and we headed off to meet a couple for coffee, kind of a blind date for a 4sum. We have been chatting to them on the swingers website and felt ready to take the next step and of course always ready for a new experience and adventure together. All went well and a date has been set for a naughty morning of nakedness together in about 2 weeks. After a quick detour to a work meeting we headed back to work for a few hours. Also the delivery of our new sex toys had arrived, a flogger and a cock ring, I swung by YSL's office in town to collect the box.

As we made tea we opened the box together and I have to say we were blown away by the quality of the flogger, by House of Eros, (who make the naughtiest of dungeon equipment!) hand turned wooden handle and the most sumptuous leather. It instantly made my skin tingle just seeing it.

We head upstairs and within minutes of slow passionate kissing YSL pushes his cock inside me and slowly fucks me in the cross position both enjoying the intimacy and closeness, smiling and eyes saying everything we need to. He reaches and plays slowly with my clit physically and verbally encouraging me to cum for him. He pulls out, his cock covered in my cum and kneels behind me, I’m still on my side as he pushes his fist into my cunt making me gasp and bury my head in the pillow. I haven’t even drawn breath and his cock is pushing into my arse. I’m growling with the intensity and pleasure all mixed into one. He fucks me hard and deep, holding his own cock through my cunt walls and has me in such a state, I can’t count how many times I climaxed I just know I got into such a state I begged him not to even move, I was so sensitive and shaking. He pulled out slowly and held me. I took hold of his rigid cock and slowly wanked him, and when I was recovered I moved down the bed and slowly sucked his cock taking it deep in my throat.

YSL asked me to sit on his face, he knows I can’t concentrate on wanking or sucking if I do that but the pleasure he gains from me down that makes up for it he says. He licks and slurps at my cunt while I wank and lick the tip of his cock, enjoying it for my own pleasure while he makes me cum again, my juice are spilling over him and he drinks them all in. A few minutes late his cock explodes over my breasts and hands, his mouth still locked around my clit as he shakes and rleases every last drop out of him.

After some serious cuddling we head to plate up dinner, grab wine and climb back in bed to enjoy it together, talking over the weekends happenings and any life updates for each other.
Its become a bit of an amusement on a Monday as I don’t stay over and YSL gets some sleep so he doesn’t mind getting me in a state "I don’t have to deal with the consequences" were his words as he secured my arms above my head to the ceiling hook after dinner.

Once tied he threw the crop and the flogger on the bed before kissing and appraising me. My arousal is already rising I’m shuddering at the slightest of touch. I half want to close my eyes or have the blindfold on but I want to see YSL's pleasure in me.

Before he strikes me he tests it on himself, gauging how hard to throw it and how it reacts. When we visited Clair Obscur in Cap D'Agde we experimented with a flogger and wanted to play more at home.

The first strike lands on my bottom, i feel my whole cheek lift and drop with the force, he quickly strikes my other cheek this time the ends catch me and sting beautifully. He builds up a rhythm that matches his confidence and skill building with our me toy. I move as a stinging blow hits and he takes hold of me and puts me affectionately back in my place and strikes again. My knees buckle with the next blow, he puts his left arm around my waist and holds me firm and delivers more. My arousal now visible as it flows out of me and drips down my thighs, I’m in need of being touched and allowed to cum but there is no sign of that.

He stops a moment and moves to the front of me and throws the leathers across my breasts, one of the tails catches my nipple and it’s like fire or wax, the heat immediate, stinging, arousing. He picks up the camera to take pictures and continues to strike me, my breasts and dancing with each strike and my nipples so hard.

The last 2 strikes were perfect, they were close to a 10 on my pain scale but made me realise how much I want that. The trust and bond between us is now such that Im loving pushing such boundaries, I want to experience it all with YSL.

I pull away instinctively and YSL puts down the camera and puts me back in place. He exchanges the flogger for the riding crop and starts tapping at my breasts, slowly and gently initially then hard and fast. The strap strikes my breast but the shaft hits me nipple like a cane, I yelp and pull away but immediately straighten myself back up and push my breasts out for more.

Both breasts redden and tender, he moves round to my bottom again and ensures both cheeks are red and the skin electrified. I’m starting to pull away and its getting tender, he pulls me in close, my nipples just against his chest hair feel like a current running through them, He tells me how good I’ve been and 2 more left to take, both of them delivered slowly and so hard that the I can’t move from the spot even when my arms have been untied, I can’t think beyond how aroused I am right at this very moment..

He leads me to the bed and holds me close. His hand reaches between my thighs and checks how aroused I am, pleased with how wet I am he takes my clit in between his fingers and plays with me before rolling me over and pushing his face between my burning hot cheeks and rimming me for almost half an hour, working his hand inside and fisting me so deep at the same time until I’ve cum several times.

YSL lies back on the bed next to me and pulls me in close, kissing me as I try to pull myself together from such a pleasurable and intense gift from him. He reaches round and takes hold of my arse cheek in his hand, lets go and them spanks it hard, still holding me tight with his other arm. He keeps spanking, the same spot, harder and harder, sensitivity increasing and the heat also. My other cheek is jealous so I move so he can reach both. Firm and unforgiving spanks rain down one after the other, harder and harder until I can’t take anymore.

YSL moves to the top of the bed while I plug in the Hitachi, I pass it to him and lie on the bed so my cunt is pressed against his balls and my legs over his hips. Holding my lips apart he presses the Hitachi against my clit and switches on the slower speed. He wanks his cock while I buck and squirm against the pressure of the vibrations against my engorged and hard clit. I feel like I’m going to cum for ages, I just can’t have that final release, he switch the Hitachi onto full pelt or from OMG to WTF, he starts to cum and feeling his cum hit my thighs send me over the edge and into a trembling euphoric mess.

It’s time to head home and I slip on my dress and stuff my stockings and panties in my handbag to save time, the last treat of the evening was as I got into the car and sat down, the cold leather of the seats against my abused bottom was a shock and delight.

and if you want to view the video..... CLICK HERE


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  1. You are so exciting. I love what you do. You do it all, I guess.
    I'd love to have you sit on my face and flog my cock.
    I'd love to flog you, especially your ass and then I'd spread your cheeks and whip your asshole.
    I'd spread your legs and whip your cunt.
    I'd get you dripping wet and then, if you asked me nicely, I would fuck you. I'd fuck your whipped asshole and then I'd fuck your whipped cunt.
    I wouldn't cum until I was in your mouth, though.
    How would you like that?