Monday, 28 November 2011

A couple for breakfast

After the coffee with them YSL and me were looking forward to our play date with Chris and Mike. Buxom would be a great description of Chris, h cup breast and a voluptuous figure, mike was an attractive and trim man for his age and what looked by his pictures reasonably well hung.

I'd stayed over the night before and when we woke I must admit I did not want to leave for our 4some. We cuddled for longer than planned but neither of us wishing to let go just yet, especially as I knew this was our last moment of intimacy for the next 10 days.

We eventually got our selves ready and set on our way. We arrived at 9ish just as Mike arrived. Chris was making coffee as we arrived and made us very welcome. I was relieved to see her house was pristine and Mike immediately heading to the shower. After the previous weeks 4some body hygiene was a concern that I had previously taken for granted.

We chatted, covering small talk of what each of us had done at the week end until Mike reappeared in Chris's dressing gown! We all laughed and agreed it seemed pointless for him to of put his clothes back on and YSL took the chance to suggest we joined him in his naked state.

After a quick note of caution from Chris about what happens when Mike cums, we all headed upstairs.

Myself, YSL and Mike were quickly naked on the bed and Mike kissing me, while YSL caressed and kissed my back. Chris seemed shocked when she entered the room and fumbled with the TV. Swinging was relatively new for her and we already had the impression from coffee that she needed to warm up, that initially she was nervous. YSL took the lead and helped her undress. Slowly and gently making her feel at ease. He dits on the bed and Chris took his growing cock in her hand and mouth and slowly sucked and licked it, clearly s woman that enjoyed ducking cock as she orally enjoyed every inch of it.

She lay back on the bed, parted her thighs and began to lick. Mike mirrored his actions and went down on me, I'm aroused and enjoy his attention but knowing I was being short changed as Chris was getting the best oral of her life.

I caress Chris's ample breasts while watching YSL devours Chris's cunt and Mike licks and fingers me. My mind is full of consuming thoughts and knowing how much pleasure Chris is feeling I start to cum. Mike verbally encourages me as he fingers me harder.

He continues to rub my over sensitive clit but it's too much, I'm not sure if he's being clumsy or if it's that it's so intense and there's no trust bond, either wsy I know I'm drying up because of it. I sit up and take his cock in my mouth he is rock hard. His cock was less impressive in the flesh, clearly a good angle had been used for the pictures.

It's not long before Chris starts to cum, Mike puts a condom on and moves in to fuck me as he watches her climax. He pounds me hard and starts to cum after a couple of minutes. I'm now thankful of the words of caution from Chris otherwise I'd be flipping him on his back and performing CPR before I had my own 'private Benjamin' moment!

He almost pops a vien and goes violet in colour, eyes on stalks and starts shuddering, his eyes fill up as cum jets from him. His climax was clearly so so strong. After a brief moment of what looked like panic I realised he needed holding, I gently caress him and he starts fucking me again, a few minutes later he blows again this time I'm ready for it.

He pulls out and fetches a toy and starts to fucking me with it. I roll on my side and suck on one of Chris's breasts. YSL joins me and sucks the other while enjoying the rest of her body.

He goes back to licking her this time i hold open her lips for him and makes her cum again before he flips on his condom and pushes inside of him. While YSL fucks her me and Chris kiss, our breasts pushed close together. YSL holds my had as he pounds her and I'm thankful of the connection. I'm not jealous of the situation but I'm envious of her getting a better fucking, I'm aching for YSL to be inside me one last time before we are apart for 10 days.

I rub her clit as YSL fucks her thoroughly, Mike is fucking my cunt with the toy still but I'm drying up again. He grabs some lube and then takes advantage of it to fisting me. I whisper to Chris that while my lover fucks her, her lover is fisting my cunt thoroughly. I'm so close to cumming but Mike catches me with his nail and it puts me off my stride.

I hold her as YSL makes her cum again, he disappears between her legs to lap at the juices but she can't take it. She is in a euphoric mess.

After a moment to recover she lies back on the bed face down, YSL plunges his face into her soft bum cheeks and rims her, her face clearly expressing her delight at his attentions.

YSL slips on another condom and enters her from behind, taking hold of her hips her pounds her hard.

I suck Mikes cock again and he is hard and ready to fuck again, he pushes his cock into my arse, I'm thankful he isn't as big as YSL as he didn't take the time or care to lube it up. It takes a few minutes to relax before he starts to fuck me hard. I tell YSL he is deep in my arse as he kissed me and offered up Chris's cunt for me to lick.

I adore this moment of sharing a sexual delight together, I want to share a cock in this way with him also but right now I'm enjoying sharing Chris's cunt.

Mike starts to cum again and I hold him as he recovers, he pulls out my arse and Chris moves round to rub my clit and pleasure me. Previously she had protested how bi she was but right now her inhibitions were out of the window.

After I climax from her ministrations Chris gets a drink and we all share. After almost 2 hours of playing we had built up a thirst. She disappears from the room and we grab a rest before we continue I'm after my dose of YSL. She returns dressed and we realise that the session was over. We forget not everyone, unlike us, wants to fuck and play for hours. we will have to teach them our debauched ways!

We get dressed and enjoy a coffee before heading back home. I had to confess to YSL my disappointment in not having his pleasure but I thoroughly enjoyed their company and plan to enjoy it again sometime soon but with YSL fucking and licking me not just a full swap.

Best part of the day was still to come, before we went our seperatly ways to work we had planned to grab lunch together. I directed him but got distracted and forgot to verbalise directions! Thankfully YSL is a pleasant natured and easy going as myself so we enjoyed the brief detour before arriving at the quaint country pub.

The next our was perfect, sat enjoying each other, holding hands, talking, just being close add to that great food in picture perfect surroundings. YSL knew the week ahead was going to be a tough one for me and he expressed his love and support for me, I got a little choked at one point, no upset, just overwhelmed by how much I felt loved by YSL.


  1. An interesting reminder that not every sex session is straight out of a porn movie. Especially that first time when you're learning about your new partners. Get Mike a nail file for Christmas.

  2. "I'm thankful he isn't as big as YSL as he didn't take the time or care to lube it up." What the - ? Who doesn't lube up before a bit of assfucking?

  3. Sounds like Chris and Mike could end up being excellent partners with time.

    The more you write about YSL the better for you he seems. I think you're both very lucky to have found each other!

  4. Ahhh this was the near death experience i Meant still sounds like you had good time so disappointed that we can't join you 14th xx

  5. Sounds like it was fun, despite the newness of the couple involved.

    YSL sounds like a wonderful man!