Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fuckers remorse

I wasn't meant to be seeing him as he had been working in London then YSL messages me, "I've landed fancy a club?" it's about 9pm, kids and hubby are away so I reply as I'm walking towards the shower. By 9:30 I'm at his place ready, by 10 we are stripped to our undies at the club. I'm so pleased to be seeing him ahead of our plans.

It's quiet, after a walk around the playrooms we head to the bar for a drink. As we sit and catch our breath, chat about the week I so want to curl up in his arms. Now looking back I know I needed that intimacy, the dashing and no time for 'us' that we always have before the club was now missing and making me ache for closeness to him.

We decide that we will head back and we joke he will have to have second prize and put up with having sex with me but before we leave we head upstairs for one last look around and we were surprised to find a few couples playing on the bed.

One of the couples includes a lady we have both enjoyed previously. I climb amongst the bodies and find a spot near her so if the moment is right we can play.

YSL immediately ploughs his tongue into my wet slit and licks me, his fingers pushing inside me, I'm soaking up the sights around me; Mandy is being spit roasted, a large breasted blonde woman is sucking a pierced cock, his hands reach back to touch my breasts. A single male, thick set crawls through the bodies to reach me, it's uninvited attention and after he has got the hint after the pushed him away after a moment of breast fondling he reverses off the bed.

While YSL eats my cunt skilfully the large breasted lady departs the room and the guy she was sucking, who was covered in tattoos and a few piercings,turns round and sucks my left nipple.

YSL moves from between my legs and I ask to suck his cock, he moves closer and I wrap my lips around the tip, enjoying the hardness and taste in my mouth.

The tattoo'd guy trails his hand over me, watching me suck YSL's cock, his fingers reach my mouth and he dips them in as I pause a moment. I think he is wanting to touch YSL's cock, I feel myself have a surge if arousal just at that very thought then he touches YSL's tip, almost as if it was accident and you can see he is waiting for our reaction, my mouth encourages his fingers, me and YSL lock eyes both saying without words that we are aroused by this situation. It's all new to both of us and we're lapping up the experience.

The tattoo'd guy leans in to kiss me, I know that's not what he wants, I'm purely an excuse to taste YSL. I stop kissing and turn my head to suck YSL, he joins my mouth and we both lick, suck and kiss YSL's cock, frenching each other to share the precum seeping from him.

The room gets busy again and unsure of how bi male play will go down YSL tells me to get on all 4's and fucks me. The Tattoo'd guy lies in front if me so I can suck him, I'm not overly keen as his cock has a huge prince Albert through it and its rattling against my teeth and I'm enjoying the hard fucking from YSL too much to care about anyone else in the room. He reaches to rub my clit while YSL pounds me, again I'm aware he is wanting to feel YSL's hardness as it enters me and caress his balls.

Too many single guys are in the room so when YSL finished fucking me he kept the rear guard incase they thought it was open season, I was grateful he did when I realised the 'fuck n go' routine that was happening else where in the room.

Ivan joined us and I lay back on the bed to enjoy his attention, YSL sat back and watched the 2 men caress my breasts and masturbate me, he kept in physical contact but I needed he presence more right now or clear instruction of what he wanted, how he felt, instantly guilt washes over me and I'm worried I'm being greedy or neglectful.

He encourages me to enjoy and fuck with Ivan, he is about 6ft 5 so i opted for standing up and being fucked over the side of the platform. His cock slipped inside and I took hold of YSL and the tattoo'd guys cocks and wank them slowly, purely for my selfish pleasure.

Its closing time and once Ivan cums we say our good byes whilst also making our introductions to Tattoo'd guy. He tells us he has to walk home, then jokes it's only 400yards away, clearly wanting us to join him but we politely ignored his hint and headed home.

Tired from the long day and travel YSL opts for grabbing a few hours sleep but encourages me to masturbate while lay in his arms. He always wants me to enjoy and take my pleasure, I do adore doing this, feeling able to share something so personal and intimate with him is something I've never experienced before, previously the husband has laughed at me or made me feel ashamed of wanting to masturbate.

He needs sleep more than to cum and doesn't want me to reciprocate but as YSL falls asleep I feel guilty to of had such pleasure, been centre of attention, fucked by another man and cum so much and unfortunately the morning leaves us with no time for pleasure as YSL has an early start leaving me with my remorse and arousal.


  1. I love your expression of emotion...good and unwanted. I felt it as I was reading it. I have had the same problem with masturbating with someone. I am just not a natural exhibitionist so it doesn't matter how bad I want it I still have to fight those emotions that come up.

  2. I understand your emotion, up to a point. But everything was consensual and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, so what is there to feel guilty about. You and YSL will be having private time in the near future, I'm sure.

  3. Thanks Scarlet, YSL does so much good for my self esteem that I have the confidence to even ask to lie in his arms and masturbate or for anything else I crave for that matter.

    Hardin Reddy- I agree, it was just me feeling guilt because he gave me such pleasure and attention, I'm not used to it. I'm so used to pleasing everyone one else in my life that the flip side is hard to appreciate at times. As for private time with YSL... Friday night and satuday morning was just heavenly, I love waking in his arms.

  4. "The tattoo'd guy leans in to kiss me, I know that's not what he wants, I'm purely an excuse to taste YSL. I stop kissing and turn my head to suck YSL, he joins my mouth and we both lick, suck and kiss YSL's cock, frenching each other to share the precum seeping from him."

    Geezus! What a vision. So sexy how the guy gingerly made his move.

    I sure wished you would have taken the Tattoo guy up on his invitation. That would have been soooo yummy.

    I think YSL takes great pleasure in knowing that you are settled, satisfied, and taken care of. Now you just have to settle your mind and stop thinking it's selfish. But I love that you two are so concerned for each others pleasure.


  5. Hedone - it was such a sexy moment, when it happened it was like a surge of electricity running through my clit and cunt.

    And yes I too adore how much we want each other to have pleasure.