Monday, 14 November 2011

A big thank you

18month ago I started blogging because I needed a friend, I needed to talk through, process, share but didn't have a person in my life that I could truly share my sexual journey of discovery and my failing marriage with. I separated the blog early on and leave my home life on and many of you follow me there as well.

The first few people who came to visit me and offered support, interest and friendship were Ron Jazz, Nitebyrd and Outside Vanilla amongst a few others. I'm pleased to say I still hold all dearly and have even had a pleasure of staying at Outside Vanilla's place and meeting his family.

Great friends have been gained through blogging and I hope to find many more as I continue to share my journey with you.

The web counter should hit 200,000 later today, a number I never thought would happen! Most of you that visit do it in silence and only a few leave a footprint by way of words, both of you I appreciate.

The picture of me will disappear later but I thought I'd show a little of me by way of thanks.



  1. Eighteen months ago our own blog was winding down as we adjusted to new parenthood. But we're very glad that we've begun blogging again as reading about your escapades brings us much happiness. Congratulations on this milestone, and we plan to be here when your counter reaches 400,000!

  2. Congratulations on hitting that milestone, that's AMAZING!

    It's funny you should hit this today because it's also my one year blogging birthday and you were one of the first sex blogs I found and I found you really inspiring.

    So I want to say a massive thank you for that inspiration and that I blame you for my corruption (via-blogging) ;-)

    Keep being naughty! xo

  3. I don't always comment but I read every post.

  4. thank you for being so candid in all your posts. You are helping as I discover a new me as a middle aged man. super sexy and lovely pic

  5. Love the pic and am glad to have met you as I am making my own journey :)
    Congratulations on the milestone!

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. I've been following since summer. I'm glad to have found you as I go through my own journey.
    Congratulations on the milestones.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us beautiful lady.
    Rachel xo

  7. Congratulations! You are an amazing woman and a wonderful writer! I'm honored to be considered a friend. Reading your blog is a pleasure.

    I'm so happy you have YSL in your life now. You deserve to have someone like him.

  8. Congratulations! You were one of the first blogs I began following, and I still enjoy catching up with your adventures.

    Long may you continue! xxxx

  9. Always read blog get very turned on by your post. You introduced me to site and I've not looked back since so thank you look forward to reading many more blogs xx

  10. Congrats on the milestone sexy, brilliant achievement. I'm glad I'm regularly one of those thousands who comes and reads your words, and salivates.

    Love the pic too, very sexy lips ;)

  11. Congrats! Glad I found your blog!

  12. Congrats sweetie I am glad i found your blog If you ever need a friend to just chat with blow off steam with /vent hope you will instantly think of me I am recently divorced and I have 2 strong shoulders you are always welcome to lean and cry ok I think you are truly 1 sweet and sexy and fabulous woman xxx

  13. Congratulations on keeping your blog going for 18 months and attracting 200,000 visitors. Yours is such an enjoyable tale of lust and pleasure that I'm sure you'll have many, many more admirers if you choose to keep writing.

  14. I've recently been following u as I have a similar story. I have a secret lover too. Great to read your sexual encounters - always turn us on and makes us feel great about the escapism u get some being sexually aroused. Keep going u r inspiring to others. Btw loving the mask xxx

  15. Finally! I can leave a comment lol. So glad I found you, or was pointed in your direction. You are an amazing, beautiful, open and inspirational woman! Keep it up. (Pun intended) ;-)

  16. Congratulations on the milestone HnS.
    I haven't been following you for that long, but I'm thoroughly enjoying my stay.

  17. My dear Yummy, congrats on the milestone. You are an amazing and strong and very sexy woman. If you need a chat or something, hit me up on Twitter. I'm always up for a chat, even at 4 in the morn.

    Perhaps, one day, we'll all meet, and then I get to bite your nipples? Please? :D

    xxx Jilly Boyd
    PS: YSL is amazeballs.

  18. Congrats Yummy.

    I lurk at both places.


  19. You are a remarkable and wonderful lady and I have followed you for a while so it would be churlish not to add my congratulations. Keep going:) x