Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Part 11 - Cap D'Agde, 2nd night at the spa

After a lazy day on the beach, slowly enjoying each other and watching others fuck as we slowly pleasured each other we headed off the beach before 7, we wanted to head back to the spa and continue what had been such an intimate 24hours since he had told me truly how he felt about me.

Whilst showering we pushed a new limit and intimacy level, after all the tentative enema play tonight was to be full on. After allowing each other privacy to perform a cleansing we met back in the bathroom. Kissing and closeness never stopping.

I ask if I can perform it on him first, I think that was more down to nerves and I wanted him to experience it before performing it fully on me. I pushed the shower nozzle into him, his hand was on the on/off and I kept reminding him which way was off as I wanted him to feel at ease and in control of that part. He switched the tap off and I remain in place, holding him with one hand keeping our connection, I tell him gentle to turn the tap back on and take more, he does.

He switches the tap back off gasping with the excitement and sheer intensity of what we where doing, I gentle pulled out the shower hose and push my self against him, pulling him close and kissing his back and he let go releasing the stream of water against my cunt and thighs. His whole body trembling in my arms and deeply aroused by the whole scenario.

I tell him to bend over again and immediately fill him up, repeating this in total 4 times, each time the effects more and more arousing. After the final filling YSL trembled and shook in my arms as I held him, I felt so close to him and ready to give myself to him in the same way. Before starting on me I take YSL to the bed and hold him, both just enjoying the moment of sheer intimacy.

For those that haven’t seen it there is a VIDEO of YSL performing this on me CLICK HERE and the finer details of it all.

We retire to the bedroom and enjoy shaving each other ready for our night of pleasure, Ive never shaved a man before and I thoroughly enjoyed taking my time as I shaved his balls and surrounding area. He reciprocated shaving my pussy, ensuring I was so smooth for him and for him to share with others.

After dinner we dressed and headed out, I was wearing a see through leopard print strapless dress. Everything visable through it. We got to the first set of bars and I heard my name called again. The Israeli couple are sat, I think waiting for us, she stands and leans in for a kiss., the ‘Small French’ couple watching us. Im feeling naughty and make it a show. The whole bar turns their attention to us, the guys behind clearly pleased as YSL witnessed their eyes almost pop out their heads, as we kissed my hands wandered and I lifted her dress, took hold of her butt cheeks in each hand and gentle dug my nails in as I pulled them apart exposing her. Clearly enjoyed by her as she kept tight a hold ensuring a continued.

We say our goodbyes as they are leaving the day after and joke that we will see them next year, not at any point do I dare look at the Small French couple as im still pretending I don’t know it was them on 2 occasions now!.

We get to the Spa and both of us aren’t drinking, we grab cold drinks and head to the lounge area. Conversations about us continue and I enjoy every moment of it. I love how open he is being as it assures me that I'm right to feel about him as much as I do and I know he feels the same. We move to the orgy room, couples around us are slowly making love, only slight moans, slurping and wetness can be heard. We spoon watching a couple in their 50’s fuck, both of us admiring them, clearly wealthy and looked after themselves, the husband was worshiping every inch before scooping her up in his manicured hands and fucking her so manly.

A few other couples around us provide visual entertainment but by now we are both too interested in each other. YSL moves between my legs and starts to lap at my juices. After cumming I see in the semi lit darkness the silhouette of YSL’s arousal, his erection looked magnificent, I move to the velvet padded podium in the middle of the room and part my thighs. He takes hold of my ankles and fucks me deep, enjoying the panoramic view of the other couples fucking.

We head to the Jacuzzi, its empty and allows us to enjoy ourselves. I take advantage of being in the water and sit on YSL’s erect cock and enjoy a position we cant normally do (due to knee injury) it feels so great to be riding his cock, its something I haven’t had the pleasure of as I hurt my knee just a week or so before meeting him. The position makes his cock push hard against my gspot and im in such delirious pleasure and cum hard on his cock. The steam room is our next port of call to continue play but find that people had been using it for watersports and the smell was a little too much. We decide to head home early, both feeling the need to be close, no one else around us.

We grab cold beers and curl up on the bed, holding each other and talking. Our arousal increases and I whisper ‘I want to fuck you’ YSL doesn’t need asking twice and he helps me buckle the strap on. I lie behind him, I lube my shaft and his arse as we both watch in the full length mirrors. YSL’s cock is so hard I cant take my eyes off it. I push my tip against his hole and tell him to push back. I prefer him to push on to me so he is in control and I don’t hurt him. I’m in fully. I hold his hip and shoulder and slowly fuck him while telling him to wank his cock for me. His cock seems to swell as I fuck him, I talk to him, telling him how much I’m enjoying fucking him, how much I want to see him cum, that its my cum and he must give it to me.

Both of us are watching his cock in the mirror as I reacts, thickening and swelling, both amazed at how it looks right now. It doesn’t take long before he shoots his cum so hard it covers him and me. I remain motionless as he shudders and goes super sensitive, allowing him to relax before I pull out my strap on cock. He remains hard while he takes his time making me cum using his mouth and fingers, I seem to take forever, I'm almost too aroused to cum, he talks to me knowing what words to use to tip me over, he has me shuddering in his arms and so grateful for the release as we fall asleep smiling and satisfied.

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  1. This is like a beautiful catalogue of sexual delights. I've never done an enema, but have enjoyed everything else you describe. Sex in a public hot tub and watching two beautiful women kissing would be my particular favorites.