Sunday, 27 November 2011

Not a fishing expedition!

We arrive at the club, sat across the room are the couple we are meeting, I can't acknowledged them I'm pretending I haven't seen them yet, I need to compose myself as I wanted to laugh and run!

We had been chatting on line and they seemed nice, what pics we had seen they looked enthusiastic and this was a great way to meet, at a club, neutral ground for both parties, but right at this moment I realise we hadn't seen a picture of the guys face nor of them clothed!

I'm trying not to laugh as I mumble to YSL that I wasn't taking one for the team. YSL turned and saw a burly guy sat with a fishing jacket on and hat, I could see him hide his amusement as we politely acknowledge them, gather our drinks and go to greet.

Grace was a fuller figured lady sporting leggins and last decades knitwear paired with some skyscraping heels that she quickly explained she only put on for us and that she had arrived wearing her fav men's slippers.

We sat and talked and I warmed to them. They came across as a great couple, his hat was down to some war injury and she had a lovely bright smile. YSL suggested that me and him changed and the couple followed. Just at that moment a single guy passed us by and the most horrid stench of stale body odour filled my nose. I'm about to start a rant about the basics of body hygiene but fear it might spoil the moment.

Stuart is fumbling to get undress and he reminds me of a toddler the way his over enthusiasm is not matched with his ability, I fear this trait might continue into the bedroom.

I lie back on the bed and Grace joins me, as she puts her are around me the deodorant dodger is found!!! Add to that she was a smoker and hadnt had a courtesy mint I'm so far from aroused!

Her partner joins me and licks my cunt and gives me the perfect excuse to turn away. He does a reasonable job but watching YSL give pleasure turns me on more.

I get a running commentary from Stuart on how YSL is doing, it seems she doesn't normally come as hard or as much as YSL has her. I know he means well and is pleased for his partner but I tune out and focus on watching YSL enjoy himself.

Stuart starts paying my new boots some attention, it's the first outing for them. He starts licking them and masturbating the heel, I want to giggle but know it wouldn't be a kind thing to do. He kiss the tips and cuddle my leg and I'm really struggling to hold in the laughter as the boots where covered in black polish and it's rubbed off on Stuarts chest and face!

Grace goes to suck YSL's cock, I'm not required by Stuart as he has ran from the room, he isn't playing fully, he has some 'issues' which would of been good to share before meeting. As Stuart left the room to cool down, I see YSL wince and Grace laughing, it had said on their profile she was dominant but I think she should of noted Sadistic instead. She continue to bite the unwilling participant, i was slightly annoyed by her insistence to inflict pain especially as I had made it clear in our earlier conversations it was me that enjoyed receiving, I enjoyed being submissive, i found it short sighted as she explained how Stuart loved it, it was like because one man liked it all should. But as ever we are polite and I steer things my direction.

I took over the oral and protected my property and got him hard again and asked YSL to fuck me. I bent over ready. Grace joins him behind me, she starts to fist me, pushing her hand inside, YSL watches and wanks his cock hard then pushes his hand in along side and I enjoy a thorough deep fisting. I feel the warmth of YSL's mouth on my arse as he starts to rim me, im cumming, its so pleasurably intense and thrilling.

Next Grace gives me a spanking but it doesn't quite hit the spot. When YSL pulls out he replaces his hand with his hard cock and thoroughly fucks me. I adore the feeling of him inside me, feeling how hard he is for me, I'm back physically and mentally where I want to be. It's not long before he has me cumming hard on his cock.

He pulls out and slips on a condom and tells grace to bend over. He slams his cock inside and fucks her until she is cumming again, I knew this due to Stuart's return to commentary of the event!

YSL pulls out and takes advantage of both of us ladies lay back on the bed, he works his hand slowly into Grace, she's never been fisted before, then slips his other into me. Fisting both of us at the same time was deeply arousing for both me and YSL.

After Grace cums again we catch our breath and indicate we need to leave. They want to meet again, they say they've never met a couple with such stamina and enthusiasm, next time she wants to bring her tools, whips, clamps, we don't agree but leave it politely open, both of us knowing never again.

Back home we giggle at the nights fun and learning experience, knowing we had given them so much pleasure and as ever played longer than they had ever. We ended the night fucking each other so deeply and perfectly, falling asleep together.


  1. Sometimes that's how it works out. I was in a situation once where I found out a lot of things abt the female in this cpl that they both had to know were going to come up once we started but didn't say anything. She ended up waiting in another room while he and I finsihed each other off. Never saw either of them again. But it had its fun moments. Good story. Thanks for posting it.

  2. love how they were expecting round 2 despite the BO and whatever his problem was love it made me laugh out loud x

  3. Quite an amusing anecdote! I vaguely remember you telling me something amusing that had occurred with your boots your first time wearing them out; I believe this was it! Though Jill and I are new to the scene, I am fairly certain we'll never be as awkward as these two were.


  4. Oh my I am not sure what to write here... thanks for sharing I've enjoyed reading it.


  5. I applaud you for taking the time to give someone a chance whose physical appearance wasn't what you normally prefer. Sometimes you get a nice surprise from those people. Then again *chuckle* sometimes you don't.