Tuesday, 12 July 2011


1. Which would you rather do and why?
a. yard work or house work
Don't mind either, depends on the weather.

b. hike or run
Hike, I'm built for comfort not speed!!

c. outdoor sports or indoor sports

d. fast food burger from the drive-thru or sit-down salad
Sit-down salad please

e. yoga or aerobics

f. ice-cream or cake; what kind?
Ice-cream... I do love vanilla (ice-cream only)
g. ice cubes or hot wax; where?why?
Ice cubes on my nipples and iced to trace my back but hot wax slowly dripped on my bottom please!

h. beneath the sheets or on top?
Beneath, curled up and held by YSL

2. What was your favorite subject in high school/secondary school/upper school?
Art and physics.

3. Do you get a full 8 hours of sleep a night? Why or why not?
I sleep awfully, especially if I have something on my mind.

4. What is your favorite comfort food?
Eggy bread!

5. Do you match up your socks after washing and drying them, and before putting them away?
Not my socks but yes for the family.

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Red! They get used the most.

Bonus: When you have sexual dreams or dreams about sex, what does the dream generally involve? Is it a reoccurring theme?
On Sunday morning I had a sexual dream. YSL was holding me also sleeping but I woke him moaning and talking to him while asleep!
I was dreaming that we were fucking then selecting people to join us for group sex.

My dreams change, it's not often the repeat, the only current theme is YSL. I sometimes wake in the throws of an orgasm or find myself masturbating.


  1. I'm also a huge fan of eggy bread.

  2. I love your answer to number 6.

  3. 6. *big grin*
    Most excellent answer yummy.

    Bonus: That still cracks me up.