Friday, 22 July 2011

First time in a sex swing!

I escape for a few hours on Saturday to be with YSL, when I arrive after fixing me a coffee he tells me to go upstairs, there is something he needs to do before we get too loving.

I'm wearing a black see through dress, leggings and knee high boots, I go to remove my leggings but he stops me. He gets the chair and places it in the middle of the room and indicates for me to lie over his knee. He lifts my dress and pulls down my leggings now feeling the value of leaving them on. My buttocks exposed, panties still on but sufficiently out the way to feel the full sting of the first spank.

He spanks each cheek hard several times then pulls down my panties. He trails his fingers from my ass through my wet slit and exclaims I must be enjoying the spanking. He wipes my juices of over cheeks and spanks me firmly. Each spank stings more and the cool air of my wet cheeks exaggerates the burn.

I'm nearing my limit and he asks me how many more spanks I can take. Two I say. He replies in that case I will give you four. First spank is hard, the next he tells me is going to be harder, he takes his time teasing me then delivers it. It was hard and so arousing. The next two were lighter. He tells me to bend over the end of the bed, I deserve a treat for taking my spanking so well.

He unzips and slips straight inside me. He fucks me hard, his intentions clearly to make me cum. I cover his cock as I cum hard for him. It was visible over him as he pulled out. He replace his cock with his hand and fisted me as he rimmed me.

His tongue felt so deep inside me while his hand filled my cunt. After I'd cum over his hand and face we moved further onto the bed and I took him in my mouth. He wanted me to taste our pleasure on him. Not for me to suck him fir his pleasure. When I'd licked his cock clean I asked him to roll over so I could rim him. After a few minutes I wanted to lick him deeper and asked him to move to the end of the bed just like I had been, open and exposed to me. I lick his ass and milk his cock and adore how hard he is for me. He asks if I will spank him.

The chair is still placed from when he spanked me. I sit on the chair naked and invite him to lie over my knee. His cock is rigid and trapped between my thighs as I start to spank him. I can see in the mirror his cock trapped, it turns me on knowing how aroused he is, I feel him drip precum on my thighs and I chastise him for it.

"you just dripped precum on me, that deserves a spanking, how many spanks do you think?" the tables were turned and I was loving it.

"one" he replies,

"using your scale that means two"

I deliver the punishment while watching his hard cock twitch as I make contact with his ass. "you've done it again, dripping on me" I exclaim. I spank him harder and tease his hole with a wet finger. He is shuddering with arousal, precum trickling from his rigid cock. I spank him again and he follows his urge to fall to my feet and adore me. Kissing and caressing everywhere he could.

He stands and I take him in my mouth and masturbate him until he gives me his cum.

He suggests we try the sex swing, I'm instantly nervous and checking his household insurance. He reassures me it was safe and well insured and convinces me to embark on this adventure. At first I was clinging on for dear life. clinging onto the straps and rigid. He places my feet in the stirrups and after a few minor comfort adjustments he disappears between my thighs to lick me.

I started to relax and the fear turned to enjoying the vulnerability it brought. I was totally his to do with as he pleased. My cunt exposed and nothing I could do about it. He brings me to my first climax, he appears with his face soaked in my juices. He slips his cock inside me, so deep and starts to fuck me.

He holds me by the ass and swings me on and off his cock making me feel his entire length with every thrust. I start to cum hard and I squirt over him as I do, he is amazed and excited by how hard I cum. He goes back to licking me, slurping at my juices then fucks me again, harder this time. I squirt again.

I'm in such a state of arousal, strung up in the swing, it was the most effective form of bondage I've ever experienced. He moves the bed so it is right underneath me and lies on it. He then manors me in the swing so I'm on his cock.

It was like I was fucking him without gravity! He moves round and kneels in front of me, his cock inside me pulling me onto his cock, that's when it happened.

I came so hard, I was shaking, every inch of me was cumming, I squirted do hard it too YSL's breath away. My cum was dripping from his balls. It took a few minutes before I could even get out the swing as my legs were so weak and quivering from cumming. We curl up on the bed and YSL covers me in his cum as we hold each other whilst I was still recovering from cumming.

We enjoy supper together and curl up on the sofa as it was getting close to when I needed to leave, YSL was mindful we didn't lose track of time of get started again but after a few moments of holding we both want to fuck again. He takes my hand and says he needs to hold me again in the bed. I don't argue. His hands go between my thighs and moments later he moves to lock his lips around my clit. He works his hand into my cunt and fists me until I'm enjoying the euphoria of another climax.

I roll on my side and he pushes into my ass and I reach for the Hitachi he can feel the vibration through me on his cock. He climbs on top of me and fucks me hard then takes control of the Hitachi he pulls out and teases both holes with the vibrations. He pushes the Hitachi so it is forcing my cunt open. My cunt muscles are locked around it as I cum. He pushes his fingers into my ass and triggers of another orgasm this time stronger. He pushes more of his hand in, I want more but I'm too sensitive from all the cumming and I cant relax enough yo let him in.

He gives me his cum into my mouth and we share as we kiss before I depart. I leave a very happy and satisfied woman, driving home still tasting him.


  1. You are the most exciting person.
    I get so hard reading about your activities and seeing your photos.

  2. Loved this! The photos were great too. You look wonderful in the swing. I would love to try that!