Monday, 25 July 2011

Tender and sensual evening

I was meant to be arriving at 7, I was hiding in the cafe not far from his, we don't live far apart so I needed to keep out of sight since I was meant to be away on business.

He messages at 6 that he was home and come over... 5 minutes later I'm in his arms. He has been busy and got in some nice treats for tea, I pour the wine as he does the cooking. I'm enjoying the conversation and lazy kisses as we unwind together.

After dinner we head upstairs and he runs the bath, as he walks to the bathroom he looks back and tells me not to undress. I know that's his job.

He comes back to the bedroom and teases me, his fingers delving into the wetness. He is so hard. I tell him to take his pleasure. I know he is enjoying just looking at me. I slowly rib my clit but not to climax, I do it for him to see, I want him to enjoy watching me. I tell him I want him to show me how much I turn him on, show me how much you want me I say to him. "I want your cum" I also tell him "cover me and show me how much you want me". It's so arousing to watch him, I can feel my clit swell and my juices run from me.

He shoots cum over my thighs and belly as he cums so hard, collapsing into my arms to kiss and enjoy the moment.

We enjoy a long indulgent bath together, sipping wine, talking and feeling so adored. The way he looks at me makes me melt, he says so much without speaking.

As I walk into the bedroom he tells me to lie down. I know my patience is to be repayed. His tongue glides across my cunt lips then catches my clit taking my breath away before his mouth locks around it and he doesn't stop until he is drinking my cum from me.

He moves to between my legs, he leans in kisses me then pushes deep inside me. My legs are over his shoulders as he fucks me hard, telling me to cum on his cock for him, it doesn't take long of his pounding for me to be a good girl and do as I was told.

YSL made cocktails and found some porn for us to enjoy then we curled up on the sofa together. It's apparent we have similar far reaching tastes in porn and I'm enjoying that he feels comfortable to share his tastes with me. Both in an aroused state we end up on the bed, he rims me and masturbates my clit getting me close to cumming. He pushes inside my ass and fucks me slowly, still rubbing my clit he has me so close to cumming. He pushes deeper and I cum hard.

We fuck and play for a few hours until we fall asleep together. At 5am he holds me close, sucking my nipples and rubs my cunt slowly before entering me and fucking slowly until we exhaust every minute we have left together before work.