Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to spoil me over 20 hours

1) welcome me with a kiss and hold me

2) have tea ordered and wine poured

3) teases me slowly don't let me cum just yet

4) take me to bed and lick me

5) make love to me for hours in different positions

6) let me wank you while penetrating you with a toy

7) hold me and make me feel so wanted as I fall asleep

8) wake me and lick me until I'm cumming so hard

9) rim me and finger me

10) buy fresh croissants and the paper while I lie in bed relaxing

11) curl up in bed relaxing reading papers and enjoying the fresh coffee and pastries

12) masturbate me as you hold me and tell me you adore me

13) allow me to hold your cock for my pleasure

14) cum in me and over me to show how much you want me

15) fuck my arse for hours and push a dildo inside so I'm dp'd making my cum run down my legs

16) recognise I'm in such a state of arousal I need to cum hard again

17) enjoy lunch and porn while curled up together

18) fuck me hard on the sofa, both holes

19) cum all over my hard clit as I hold myself open for you

20) bath me, washing every inch of me with such care and affection

Tonight I'm his again, my whole body is aching for his touch, I'm waiting for that moment he penetrates me again.


  1. That's a lovely list and one that most of us girls want to happen.

    I especially like No 19 (wink)

  2. He's most definitely special but you deserve nothing less!

  3. Splendid!

    You deserve all that spoiling.

    Lucky is the person who can bring about this level of emotion, and sensuality, and caring from you.


  4. Quite a detailed list... ;)

  5. Such a delicious list .....I'm not jealous .. much x