Saturday, 18 June 2011

Failing as a Dom

He had followed my instructions to the letter, when I walked into the room he was sat naked, sex toys set out, hard and blindfolded on the end of the bed.

I took a sip of wine then took hold of YSL and kissed him. He shuddered as I whispered in his ear how please I was to see how hard he was for me.

I tell him how wet he has made me, how my clit was throbbing. I catch a droplet of precum and gloss my lips with it and kiss him then delve my fingers into my wetness and let him lick my fingers as he sat so hard on the bed.

I lick the length of his cock and his balls, gentle, teasing licks, not enough to relieve him but enough to make him tremble with anticipation.

I tell him to lie back and I tease his body, trailing my fingers and tongue over him, every now and them taking his cock into my mouth.

I let him enjoy a sip of wine before turning over and presenting his ass to me. I slowly at first lick and tease his buttocks before licking from his balls back over his hole, I start to lick harder and push my tongue inside him. As he starts to relax I penetrate deeper.

I take hold of his rigid cock and firmly wank him as I lick him.

Pushing my finger inside slowly he moans and accommodates me. I want his ass relaxed and open ready for the toy. Gently pushing in and out of him as I hold his cock I tell him how I'm going push the toy in his ass when I think he is ready.

I lick, bite and spank his buttocks and tease around his hole as my fuck pushes to find his prostate. 

I pause and tell him to sit up and enjoy a sip of wine. A sit opposite him on the chair, I'm still fully dressed, black classy dress, black stilettos, pearl necklace, all most prim and proper, then I opened my legs, lift my skirt and initially dipped my fingers in my wetness for YSL to taste, then I masturbated myself as he sat and watched. It felt so arousing sat there watching his cock quiver and precum drip from the tip as I proudly sit rubbing myself into a frenzy.

When I've cum I give him my fingers to suck clean.

I take his glass off him and place it on the dresser, I lift my dress, not looking at him but knowing he was watching me, I remove my soaked panties, allowing them to fall to the floor, I straighten my dress and pick up the panties and throw them in his face telling him to suck the wetness out of them.

I tell him to stand in front of me, I taste his cock and tease his balls, inspecting the magnificent erection he presented to me. I turn him round and the blindfold goes back on and I tell him to kneel again and get ready to give himself totally.

I lube my fingers and probe and penetrate him more, dripping iced water now and then making him gasp. 

I get the prostate toy and tell him what I want him to do.

I tell him there are 4 bulbous points, he has to push back onto the toy and take each one and pause. 

I place the toy against his hole and apply light pressure, he is a good boy and pushes back and takes the first knot.

He relaxes after a few moment and pushes back taking the next larger knot, it aroused me watching it disappear inside him and his ass close tightly around the narrow point. I encourage him again and he takes the next one. 

I turn up the vibrations and move the toy slowly, learning the lesson not to get as much lube on my hands in future as it was hard to hold and operate.

I tell him there is only one more to take for me, that he is doing so well, that he is turning me on. He pushes back and takes the last.

Just as he relaxes I pull it out so he has to take it again. I milk his cock firmly as I penetrate him but sense the toy isn't hitting the spot so I swap it for the nexus massager. It slips easily inside him and I climb of the bed and demands he licks my pussy and makes me cum.

"Stick 2 fingers inside while you lick me"

YSL obliges and eats me hungrily, I can feel my juices trickle from me and run between my butt cheeks as I get close to cumming. When I cum and finish letting him luck my juices my next instructions were to sit between my thighs and use his cock tip to wank my clit. 

"your my fuck toy" I tell him

"how much do you want to fuck my cunt?" I ask

His face tells me the answer, a mixture of desperation, frustration and pure pleasure.

But this is where I fail....

I now want his cock as much, I know my self control is about to go.

As I cum and squirt, soaking the bed I demand he fucks me, he plunges his cock inside and pounds me hard, I tell him "fuck me hard now" but I know the balance of power is tipping in his direction and within minutes he is moving between fucking and fisting me, I'm his again.

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  1. Delicious I love you both

  2. That is totally where I would fail too, the point where you just want to be fucked hard! Sounds like you did really well leading up to that though, just an excuse to have more fun practising ;)

  3. That was a hot session! I hope you're not too bummed about letting the role slip away. Hard to count that as a failure, in my book. How many orgasms did you have??? lol

  4. Oh my...what a fun night. I would hardly call any of it a failure though! :)

  5. I just love this! I'd do anything to be in his spot and let you have your way with me.