Monday, 13 June 2011

Wednesday - Filthy yet romantic

Sat enjoying a glass of wine in the lounge we talk, relax and enjoy just being in each others company.

I tell him I'm aching for a kiss, he smiles and says he know, tops my drink up. Knowing we have 2 nights together the pace is slower, feeling romantic dare I say.

He comes closer and kisses me, he moves to kneel on the floor between my legs, his hands trace my legs from ankles to the tops if my thighs. My arousal is so evident when his hands trail through my wetness escaping from either side if my panties.

He pulls my panties aside and discovers I've been naughty. I had weighed up the pros and cons of not shaving for our evening and decided it was worth being punished.

The only disappointment was that he was about to devour my clit with his mouth instead I was led upstairs bent over the windowsill and he took hold of me ready to spank me.

Each stinging spank felt wonderful and so intense, I'm at my limit but loving it. He tells me I have 2 more to take but he steps back to admire the red hand prints. Then 2 more strikes. Just as I was composing myself, gasping and feeling the burn he slams his cock deep inside, I wasn't expecting it but was so pleased to feel his girth inside me.

He takes hold of my hair and pounds me hard until I cum on his cock. I'm surprised when he stops he seemed so close to cumming but he tells me to lie on the bed, he pulls down my panties after enjoying the dampness and scent together he begins to slowly shave me.

I can't describe how wonderfully intimate this act is, to have my lover prepare my cunt for his pleasure. I'm literally dripping, Im quivering with sexual anticipation.

He slowly lathers my pussy with soap and meticulously shaves me, his fingers every now and then touch my clit and send shock waves of pleasure over me, he takes his time until I'm as smooth as I've ever been and desperate for his touch within me.

He strips and slowly teases me with his hard cock, rubbing it over my smooth cunt lips, teasing me by placing himself at the entrance of my cunt and not letting me have it . Im literally begging for it when he finally slams it deep inside me and pounds me until I cum.

He buries his face into my smooth pussy and licks me into a frenzy I'm so wet he manages to push his fist inside without any additional lubrication. Slowly he moves his hand inside me as he licks and sucks my clit then he increases the pace I can feel an orgasm start to build, as I cum I soak him and the bed. I'm cumming so hard I'm shuddering and needing to be held. He pushes his other hand inside, it sends me into one long orgasm, I’m speechless, trembling, at my limit, overwhelmed and loving it. He moves in close and wraps his arms around me, telling me to enjoy the moment, I was.

We enjoy a bedroom picnic, punctuated with great conversation and kisses, our connection together on all levels is so comforting and arousing.

After food we explore my box if winnings. Not using them yet but talking and playing with them gaining each other opinions, forming a pile of 'must try these' so that when the right moment presents they are within reach.

We embrace and kiss after the food, his hand like a magnet ends up holding my pussy, rubbing my clit with such precision. His hands move rounds to my ass and his fingers penetrate me, one, then a couple, then four I think, I takes my breath away as he opens me up. He pushes his other hand into my cunt and distracts me as I hit my limit, he milks my gspot knowing just how to set me off, as my orgasm builds he pushes deeper into my ass until that moment the widest part of his hand goes inside and I close around his wrist. I'm literally writhing on the bed, tears cumming down my face as I cum so hard while I totally give myself to him. I've never came that hard before.

We slip into the hot bath and soak up each others company. He still hasn’t cum and I start to wank his cock. He is so hard, I cup his balls and then move to push a finger inside him but the angle makes it difficult as I'm mindful my nails may catch him so I move back to teasing and wanking him. Each time he gets close to cumming I slow down or stop, I want him to cum so hard.

He asks me to join him back in the bedroom. He wants me to ride his cock, I've wanted to do thus since the first night we met but my knee has proved an obstacle. He sits on the chair rock solid. I go to sit on him but find a mixture of knee and being too wet from the bath too much, we try another position but my knee goes. I feel clumsy and like I've ruined the moment, but he takes hold of me and reassures me as he enters me. He fucks me hard. He withdraws and I wrap my mouth around his cock and penetrate him with a toy. I wank his cock slowly but holding him firm, he cums jetting his cum into my mouth and throat.

We fall asleep together for a few hours until I stir him. We kiss and masturbate each other then he tells me to roll over and he slowly pushes into my ass. He holds me close as he fucks me, talking to me, telling me how he is going to spill his cum inside me. He groans and pushes deep as he releases himself inside me.

His cock is rigid again and we enjoy masturbating each other before heading out to work, kissing each other passionately we both cum, he covers me and we embrace so tightly.


  1. So intense! A bravura description of an amazing experience. TY

  2. Do you just have the one lover?

  3. OH MY GAWD! I am panting and breathing so hard.

    The words aroused me, the photos sent me over the edge.

    You are sooooo naughty sexy. You are award "Best of the Web" UK Adult Blog is well deserved.