Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Last Friday with YSL

I turned up more casual than usual just to fall in line with my excuse of a girls night in.

We kiss and chat in the kitchen as I unpack my goodies, he tells me he wishes it was our weekend away as he wants to spend the time with me.

I must be feeling emotional fragile or vulnerable as I keep blushing at his light teasing and compliments, I'm literally scarlet which is so unlike me. He steps forward and holds me, I think he sensed I needed reassurance and affection. We relax in the lounge chatting over work, life and us. He comments how he likes seeing how relaxed and happy I am.... I blush again!

The night is somewhat a blur, we did so much but I can hardly put it into order so forgive me if I omit any details.

We take our drinks upstairs and I strip down to my underwear. He takes off his clothes and I adore his cock with my mouth. He is so hard and tastes delicious as he oozes precum. He tells me to lie back and teases me briefly over my panties but removes and devours the wetness in them. He positions himself between my thighs and fucks me. It feels heavenly as he pushes inside, filling me completely and perfectly. When he has successfully made me cum hard on his cock he tells me to roll over. He starts playing with my ass but a better idea has struck him.

He tells me to stand.

He places the chair in the centre of the room.

He asks me with or without blindfold.


He secures my wrists behind my back.

I bend over his knee.

He has me positioned so that he can see my ass and cunt in the mirror as he spanks me hard.

Every few spanks he checks how wet I am. I'm soaked. It's running down my thighs.

When he's finished he stands me up me at the foot of the bed, he is lay on the bed watching me, wanking as I stand there before him. I'm trembling with excitement, so aroused but every inch of me is aching for his touch.

He comes back to me and kisses me, squeezes my nipples and takes my breath away.

I kneel on the bed and he enters me with such force and passion. I'm so close to cumming it isn't long before I do. He enters my ass and cums hard inside me.

After kissing and much abusing of my swollen clit he plugs the hitachi wand in and passes it to me "roll on your side" he starts fucking my cunt, he has a cock ring on and as I hold the hitachi against myself I push against the ring, I can feel his cock vibrate inside me. The hitachi is almost torture with how sensitive my clit feels but I love it. He moves his cock into my ass and I cum as he stretches me open.

Food follows along with cocktails and conversation. We get talking about us I can't remember the detail but I explain I wasn't sure how much of me he wanted so I had been holding back on personal/emotional stuff as I didn't want him feeling overwhelmed by me in anyway. Later in bed he takes hold of me and tells me Im special to him, we end up talking for an hour about how we feel. I fall asleep happy and reassured.

We wake early and he takes hold of my cunt and massages my clit until I'm shuddering in his arms. His words turn me on so much, telling me to take my pleasure, to cum for him, what he will do next.

When I've recovered I lie behind him, masturbating his cock, holding him and kissing his back and neck. I push in a toy slowly into his ass and continue to wank him. I tell him how soon I'm going to fuck his ass, how he will have to give himself to me for my pleasure, as he gets close I lock my lips around his cock and enjoy feeling his pleasure as he jets a hot stream if cum in my mouth.

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