Friday, 24 June 2011

Slow and gentle (not)

Slow and gentle was the plan for the evening as we have 2 nights back to back. I arrive and fall into his arms, the warmth of his affection washes over me. Kisses alternate from passion to affection and back again, his mouth traces my neck and exposed chest while his hands follow my curves. I was wishing I had showered before arriving but time and excuses used meant I had come straight from work. Long slow intimate bathing was next on the agenda after a relaxing drink.

We take our drinks to the lounge and relax, we talk and reflect on the weeks occurrences while apart, it's been a hard week family wise and whilst I don't want to feel like I'm having a moan, I do feel he is there for me.

He wants to know what my dark fantasy was I blogged on Tuesday, I'm too shy (yes me) to tell him so sat on the same sofa I email it.

It's a conversation stopper! I explained it was fantasy only, like many of my fantasies they are just that, they normally cross a boundary for me, I think that's why they get me off.

He moves over to kiss me so deep and passionately, I litterly feel myself melt as he holds me. He moves between my legs and he parts my thighs, I love this action, it's like when he pulls down my panties, that moment of control.

His fingers slide across my exposed pussy lips, my French knickers ruined with how wet I am, almost pointless wearing them.

His fingers graze my clit gently then he stops, teasing me. He takes out his hard cock from his jeans and rubs my clit. The head of his cock glides with ease over my clit soaked in my juices. He slams it in hard and fucks me for no more than 30 seconds, he brings his cock to me and tells me to lick it clean. I lick and suck it clean slowly but hungrily before he goes back between my legs, without warning his mouth locks around my clit and he delights me with his sucking and licking but again as I get close to cumming he stops.

He fucks me again but stops short before I cum and puts his cock away, goes to run the bath.

When he returns we watch some porn while the bath runs, not that i needed help but it gets me very aroused, he gets the wine and we go upstairs.

I take off my dress and he tells me to bend over and the window. He takes firmly ahold of me rips down my panties and spanks each cheek just once, he knows I want more but he says he will revisit it later. While holding me he must of unleashed his cock again and it surprises me when he pushes his cock in deep. It doesn't take long with the teasing from earlier that my knees buckle and I'm clinging to the window ledge as I cum hard over his cock.

He tells me to lie on the bed, he kneels next to me and presents his cock for licking. I turn to take it all in my mouth but he turns my head back. Without saying anything I know I'm not to do that again, my clit throbs. He proceeds to use my face to wank his cock, rubbing precum over me, pressing himself hard against me, using me for his pleasure.

I get carried away and turn my head again to suck him and he pulls back and puts me back in my place, he is making my cunt ache so much for him.

He slams his cock inside me again but every time I get close he stops. I'm so close a couple of times I nearly came as he pulled out but I managed self control.

He holds me and then checks on the bath, it's ready.

We bathe for about an hour, laughing, talking, touching, feeling so close. Every now and then touch moves to an act of arousal then naturally moves back to effection.

We head straight down stairs when dried off, it's almost 11 and both are hungry. Margaritas and nibbles and prepared and brought back to the bedroom and enjoyed

He tells me to roll on my side and he pushes slowly into my cunt, he pauses and asks where the hitachi is, the car!, damn, he gets another toy out the box of winnings and gives it to me. I push it against my clit and await his cock, he rubs lube against my arse and then I feel something cold, the new large butt plug is then pushed inside, it's big enough to take my breath away, just I composed myself he pushes his cock into my cunt. Instantly I can feel my orgasm build, my clit is rigid, I feel so full, full of YSL.

He removes his cock and pushes his fist into my wetness, I'm writhing in an orgasmic state, YSL holding me from the inside. As I cum again he pushes the butt plug out using his hand inside my cunt, I'm shaking in a post orgasmic mess when he takes hold of me. Telling me to enjoy it, telling me how wanted I am.

When Ive recovered he wanks himself to climax and shoots all over my tummy and thighs and hold each other. As we kiss and recover blurt out unceremoniously 'I love you' as I say it I regret it. It didn't need to be said, it doesn't change what we have but it's was like turrets as the words ejecting from me without thought.

I'm restless, too much on my mind, YSL senses it and he holds me and his hand travels to between my thighs and he takes hold if my hard clit, wanking me, it feels so good as I cum, I'm soaked, clit is swollen and throbbing as I lie watching him sleep.

I'm woken from a bad nights sleep by him snuggling in making me smile, before I've even opened my eyes he has made me cum twice.

He pushes inside my cunt and slowly fucks me as we spoon, his cock feels immense, my cunt feels so full and stretched.

He pulls out fully and pushes back in so I feel his entirety, he starts talking dirty, telling me what I did last night, what he going to do next.

He lubes his fingers and pushed them into my arse, opening me up, he leaves his fingers inside and pushes his cock in as well. Its breath taking, amazing, intense and a short cut to the next climax.

His words more filthy than before, telling me I will be going to work full of him, that cum will be dripping from my arse as I do my meetings.

He came hard, grunting as he shoots inside me, I'm cumming also. He pulls me close.

Breakfast and kissing is next on menu and is finished by him wanking me again, ensuring damp panties for me for rest of day.

He is hard again and I talk to him as he wanks, I'm poised ready for his cum, it's going into my mouth, I want cum in my arse and in my tummy when I go to work.

He shoots into my mouth, jetting against the roof of my mouth. I hold it in my mouth while we kiss then keep the rest for myself.


  1. You two are the epitome of lust and love x

  2. Philipdragonmaster24 June 2011 at 18:50

    Love mix passion, lust and tenderness